PTCL Tried To Get In On The iPhone X Joke But Pakistanis Are Trolling Them Back

By Hurmat Riaz | 15 Sep, 2017

iPhone X toh bohut phaddaybaaz nikla


Yesterday, we discussed how Apple might’ve just tried to copy PTCL’s (yes, humara aur apka pyara PTCL) iconic tagline, ‘Hello to the future’.

And, of course, there were jokes thrown around.

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So, PTCL tried to act all cool about it and posted this a while ago on their Facebook page.

Source: PTCL / Facebook

But we all know how the internet situation has been like with PTCL. We start our day by asking each other, ‘yaar internet chal raha hai kya tumhara?‘ and end it by saying, ‘yaar aaj internet ne bohat khuwar kiya hai.’ It makes us cry, it makes us scream, it makes us pulling over hair out *acha ye ziada ho gya but it’s true as well*


So, Pakistani awaam is not missing this golden opportunity of trolling PTCL because nobody wants them to get away with this shokhi.

Have a heart buddy

Source: PTCL / Facebook


Source: Warner Bros. Television


The future is dark and full of terrors

Source: PTCL / Facebook


Oh burnnnn

Source: PTCL / Facebook


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People just didn’t care about PTCL’s joke on Apple

Source: PTCL / Facebook


We obviously don’t want a dark future

Source: PTCL / Facebook


And many, many people complained about the sad state of internet

Source: PTCL / Facebook


Oh, another burnnnn

Source: PTCL / Facebook


Via: Tumblr


PTCL, Here’s a request from MangoBaaz: yaar humara internet bhi tez kar do bhai.


Do you folks have anything else to say to PTCL? Something that will make their future a little more welcoming? Lol, tell us in the comments.


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