PTCL Just Explained The Reason Behind Recent Internet Outage But People Aren't Buying It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Jun, 2019

PTCL explained the internet outage in Pakistan but people aren’t convinced

Yesterday a lot of people suddenly found themselves without the internet. To the extent where even mobile internet services were disturbed. PTCL issued a statement saying that the internet outage in Pakistan was due to multiple cable cuts.


No one knows exactly how these cable cuts happened and the service interruption did cause quite the panic


Apart from PTCL, other internet service providers were also scrambling to tell customers what was up


PTCL then gave an explanation for why there was a severe outage of the internet


According to PTCL, it was due to “multiple cable cuts” and services all across Pakistan were affected. Soon, internet was restored but after PTCL announced that services were back online and the issue had been promptly dealt with, people were still not convinced and thought that this was a usual occurrence from the internet service provider and the explanations provided by them had been used to death.

But the issue was genuine and it coincided with a global internet outage, as well. A lot of websites including BGR, Google, Amazon, Reddit, Spectrum were apparently down. It is being reported, however, that the two issues were probably not interlinked.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened; there is always news of the ‘underwater cables’ being damaged and interrupting internet services in the country. And people are sick and tired of this happening, clearly. Seeing as how many people and business rely on the internet, even a few minutes of an internet outage tends to create panic and inconveniences a lot of people.

Hopefully next time, even if there is an outage it won’t be as widespread and severe.


Oh Shit! The Internet In Pakistan Went Down And We’re Like, Bro Kya Scene Hai Abh?

Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Are Down Worldwide. Again



Cover Image Source: PTCL Official via Facebook / Jawad Ahmed via Facebook

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