13 Situations You Can Definitely Relate to if You Have No Interest in Politics

13 Situations You Can Definitely Relate to if You Have No Interest in Politics

13 Situations You Can Definitely Relate to if You Have No Interest in Politics

Chances are, if you’re born into a Pakistani family, you are brought up being a hardcore supporter of one political leader or the other. Fortunately, there are some of us who are born into families that may love discussing politics during every dinner but they don’t exactly feel affiliated to any party… even if they are burgers.

So, here are the confessions of an apolitical Pakistani:


1. You survive through family dinners and drawing room conversations thanks to your smartphone

Source: Tumblr

Because obviously, they are about politics and having no interest in politics you end up using that trusty boredom buster iPhone of yours.


2. No one takes your opinions actually seriously when you do talk about politics

Source: Tumblr

Sometimes, you’re interested in the affairs of the country too, you’re a citizen after all.


3. You can’t tell your Union Council elections from your By-elections

Who can tell the difference anyway?


4. You don’t really feel excited for a dharna in your city

Source: Tumblr

Sure, it’s a chance to hangout with people but, I’d rather do it in the comfort and safety of a cafe than with millions of people.


5. You’re indifferent to social media wars among the trolls

Source: Giphy

Literally every top trend in Pakistan is paid for so what’s the point if I’m not sharing in some of that moolah.


6. You are truly enraged when the most important discussions during the news are about political leaders’ personal lives rather than their policies

Source: Giphy

I’m not a supporter, but I’m also not-so-ghatia.


7. Blaming this party or that party for creating the Taliban isn’t a concern for you, what matters is the need to curtail their ideology of hatred

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8. You’d much rather prefer to watch Sheikh Rasheed star in a movie than contest in an election

Source: Dawn


9. The 9 o’clock NEWS is less exciting than the 11 o’clock rerun of an episode of CID

Source: Times of India

Because you have strong faith in Dayaa’s ability to break down every door that stands in his way.


10. A bori doesn’t scare you and neither do you believe that tabdeeli agai hai

Source: Tumblr

Everything’s the same as it ever was, maybe even worse :/


11. When watching TV the struggle to find a non-News channel is intense

Source: Giphy

Like seriously, how many times different versions of the same news can one get?


12. Imran Khan is a national hero for Shaukat Khanum more than he is a political hero for you

Source: Telegraph


13. “Breaking News” is your least favorite phrase

Source: Giphy

Designed to induce mini heart attacks for no reason.


Here’s hoping everyone can learn to laugh at their own selves a little and not take these too seriously (and honestly, I lied, I might actually be scared of the bori).

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