These People Can't Stop Making Jokes About The Pigeon That Caused Mass Hysteria In India

By Haadia Paracha | 5 Oct, 2016

When the history books will be revised to add the current era in a few years, Indian surgical strike will be the stuff of urban legends like Bilbatori, Big Foot or  Picchal Pehri. The episode not only forced us to face our hidden prejudices but allowed for us to have intelligent discourse, despite Pakistan’s non-existent foreign policy. Whether they indeed took place or not is not the scope of this debate but it sure is the gift that keeps on giving.

Indian agencies have a Pakistani pigeon in their custody on suspicions of criminal activity.


This isn’t the first time RAW has claimed Pakistan to be using spy pigeons.

Last year, a poor pigeon was captured on charges of spying and anti-Indian sentiments. Whether he was released or remains behind bars is unclear. Yesterday, another pigeon was arrested under similar suspicions.

Source: The Times UK
Source: The Times UK

The pigeon allegedly came locked and loaded with the arsenal of WORDS as it carried a threatening note addressed to Prime Minister Modi.


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While the sheer comic relief this instance provides is endless, Pakistani internet used this opportunity to introduce PIGEON STRIKE.


Cartoons were involved.


Pigeons were photoshopped into some very intellectual photographs.


Proof of evolution was given.


My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist: Part II


Exclusive footage was retrieved.


The beginning of “Pigeon Gate”


The infamous Bollywood classic.


Responsible for the ultimate coop.


Full with state-of-the-art spyware.


James Bond 007, meet your match.


Truly a better choice than nuclear arsenal.


So folks, let’s celebrate our true patriots

Source: Deenga


And give the war heroes the kind of homecoming they DESERVE.

Source: Make A Gif


Pigeons, or rather doves, of love. Larai, larai maaf karo, Allah ka ghar saaf karo.

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