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This Guy Just Shared His Family’s Ordeal After PIA Forgot His Deceased Cousin In New York

This Guy Just Shared His Family’s Ordeal After PIA Forgot His Deceased Cousin In New York

Pakistan International Airlines recently decided to suspend its operation for the United States. The reason being told is the financial issue which the airline faces as a result of this service. Two flights used to fly for New York via Manchester. However, the airliner used to face financial losses worth Rs. 2 billion while flying on this route.


On October 29, the last flight of Pakistan’s national airline, PK-712 left with 300 passengers from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.



PTI even tried to make the decision political

It was termed as a sad day for Pakistan’s national airline, however, there was sadder news awaiting us

It was reported that the flight of PIA left behind two coffins which were supposed to be on the flight leaving for Pakistan


Some were expecting this because of PIA’s regular blunders


Others thought that PIA could not be blamed for the incident


In the midst of all this chaos, Hasan Mubarak (a cousin of one of the deceased) took to Facebook to talk about the incident


However, media outlets are reporting that PIA is trying their best to accommodate the families and Etihad Airways will do the job on PIA’s behalf


Etihad Airways is bringing one coffin back to Pakistan, while Hasan’s family has decided to bury their relative in Maryland USA

Hasan Mubarak, along with the brother of the deceased, are the focal contact persons for the family burying their relative in USA. And they are extremely uncomfortable with the news that PIA is trying to help the family out.

“No one contacted us. Since we were not given any option by PIA we asked the funeral services company to take custody and hold it till the family flies back to the US. They reached US yesterday and finally decided to not delay the funeral any further considering the body had been waiting for 7 days now. All on our own not a single call or flight offer from PIA. It is absolutely false that they offered any assistance to us. May be to the other family but not us. Govt and PIA both have not contacted to offer even an apology let alone alternative arrangement for transportation. ”

Source: Hasan Mubarak / Facebook


He also added that because the family has not received their dead relative, they are now going to bury him in the US

“We are finally burrying(sic) my cousin in Maryland today after making a decision in the family yesterday night. There was no contact from PIA to offer assistance or an alternative arrangement since we took custody of the remains through the funeral company on Oct 30. And we never confirmed to PIA that we will be burrying(sic) him in Maryland, so don’t offer any alternative arrangement. If they would have given an option we could have considered it. His family flew out of Pakistan on Oct 30 late night after waiting for the whole day regarding any assistance from PIA.”

There is no confirmation of how Etihad Airlines got around to bringing the other coffin back and whether or not it was PIA which provided this assistance


However based on the blunder-full history of PIA, they cannot be given the benefit of doubt in this situation. The incident should have been acknowledged and owned. They could have at least offered an apology to the families and figured out a way to help them. The national airline keeps on committing blunders and waits for the government to correct them.


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