Pewdiepie Just Bounced Back On Top After Trolling T-Series With A Rather Offensive ‘Congratulations' Song

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Apr, 2019

Pewdiepie just released a song which is a ‘Congratulations’ to T-series…


Pewdiepie has been the reigning king of YouTube before T-Series’ YouTube channel started gaining steam. And for the last few months, the two YouTube giants have been locked in a fierce competition for who reaches 100 million subscribers first and becomes the most subscribed to channel on the website.


Last night, Pewdiepie released a video titled ‘Congratulations’ for T-Series on becoming the most subscribed to channel on YouTube after they crossed his followers

But the lyrics of the song are incredibly sarcastic with Pewdiepie talking about T-Series’ being a corporation that has questionable business practices. He also says a few things which are pretty racist towards Indians, in the song.


The weirdest part is that there are countless of Indians supporting the YouTuber even after the lyrics in the song have some clearly racist remarks and unfair comments about their country

And while people and even Pewdiepie tried to pass these comments off as jokes, it’s really not funny anymore.

And honestly, the reason for Pewdiepie making the video was so he could get more subscribers and it worked, the gap which had been in the six figures shrank to just 20,000 again. Pewdiepie’s sarcastic congratulatory video definitely paid off.

While people try to label is as just his quirky sense of humor, I don’t think it’s all that funny. I honestly think at this point Pewdiepie people need to stop giving him a free pass for his behavior.


Maybe it’s time to hold Pewdiepie accountable and not reward his racism with more subscribers?

And to all the Pakistanis gloating at how Pewdiepie just ‘took down India’, trust me when I say this if he’s racist against Indians, he will sure as well be racist against Pakistanis. Kissi khush fehmi mein na rahein, please.


But I guess none of that matters to the audience at large because he’s just bounced back on top


His fans are clearly very happy


Do you find Pewdiepie’s song problematic? Let us know in the comments below.



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