PewDiePie Just Had To Delete His Roast Of India Because He Almost Started A New “Jang”

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 Mar, 2019

PewDiePie vs T-Series just got a little more intense. 


PewDiePie has held the title of being YouTube’s most subscribed channel for quite a while and no other channel could give him much of a competition until now. The T-Series channel started gaining momentum and catching up to PewDiePie’s insane subscriber count.


Indians had recently started a campaign to beat the subscribers of PewDiePie by getting people to subscribe to the T-Series channel

And similarly, PewDiePie and his fans launched similar campaigns to subscribe to his channel.



It was a whole thing, you guys.

It still is for some people, actually.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions

The competition was light-hearted and funny until now, when in an episode of Pew News which is PewDiePie telling news stories from around the world which he finds interesting to his viewers with his own commentary, PewDiePie including a piece of news which a lot of Indians did not appreciate.


PewDiePie mentioned how after the Pulwama attack, T-Series removed content from Pakistani artists from their YouTube channel.

This lead to a lot of Pakistanis becoming upset and unsubscribing from the T-Series YouTube channel and asking everyone to instead subscribe to PewDiePie.

Of course, PewDiePie was very happy at this and in the Pew News section, he talks about how out of this ‘entire situation’ the most important thing to note is that Pakistanis are now on PewDiePie’s side and that T-Series will regret making this ‘enemy’.

People, especially Indians were immediately enraged by this segment of Pew News which they said was insensitive coming from PewDiePie. Considering the Pulwama terror attack and the entire Pakistan and India situation was incredibly serious, PewDiePie using it as a way to promote his channel and poke fun at the situation was uncalled for.


The amount of backlash PewDiePie received lead him to edit his Pew News video and remove the segment from it entirely.

Honestly, what a big MESS.


You can watch the deleted clip below:

What do you think of this entire episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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