Pervez Rasheed Just Clarified What Really Breaks His Wuzu

By Sarmad Amer | 3 May, 2016

Over the last two days Mr. Pervez Rasheed has been a trending a lot on the Pakistani social media. One would think he, being the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, would be a constant fixture because of his breakthrough policies regarding the Pakistani media but one’s ideas would be utterly misplaced.


Mr. Rasheed recently said, or rather tried to say, the name of the place where political rival Imran Khan’s sons live in the UK.

Being an honorable man he couldn’t bring himself to say the name because his wuzu would break.

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Following those remarks, media(us included) assumed Mr. Rasheed’s aversion to saying the name “Middlesex” which would break his wuzu if he says it.


Craziness ensued

Knowing social media’s knack for picking on missteps and having a field day with them, Mr. Rasheed became a meme that was heard around the country.

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Now, Mr. Rasheed has clarified that his wuzu is not broken upon saying ‘Middlesex’, it is in fact broken upon saying ‘Hamfield’.

Source: Pakistan Today

As reported by Pakistan Today, Mr. Rasheed, while clarifying that he was just trying to make a joke about Imran Khan, said, “it was obviously a joke. The PTI says so many things about us, so I also said something as a joke”.

He further added, reports the newspaper, “I made the joke thinking about him, because if he claims to be so pious, how does he explain the [Hamfield] address to UK taxi drivers when he visits?”


Are you confused? Let us help you there.

Consider this:


Ham Field

Ham + Field = Hamfield


And you know eating ham, or any pork products are haram for a Muslim and saying the word breaks wuzu too.


Having said that, let us go do our wuzu too.

Cover Image via: Business Recorder

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