18 Absolutely Scandalous Places Pervez Rasheed Can’t Talk About

18 Absolutely Scandalous Places Pervez Rasheed Can’t Talk About

18 Absolutely Scandalous Places Pervez Rasheed Can’t Talk About

Before we dive into the scandalous journey here’s a little backstory for the uninitiated. So, Pakistani Minister for Information and Broadcasting, the virgin tongued, Mr. Pervez Rasheed “tried” to talk about the scandalous life of political rival Imran Khan’s son(s) who apparently are studying at a university called Middlesex, in the UK:

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Naturally, social media is a darling in situations like this and the hashtag to beat all hashtags was born. Here are some of the gems for your dirty mouthed pleasure:


1. This town with a PG13 name


 2. This whole country which is wuzu worthy

Well tbh, the people of this country do make it wuzu worthy, if you know what I mean 😉


3. This absolutely scandalous university in Sweden


4. Or this one in Turkey


5. Here’s a place he can actually probably not name (and neither can we)

Can you?


6. This Australian city whose name is too real for any man in Pakistan’s hot summer season


7. This American town whose name actually does need to be reviewed


8. These dirty villages in Pakistan


9. This place which is an insult to its citizens


10. All the towns and cities in the world ending on S-E-X

Essex, Middlsex(that actually started this whole thing) and all the other sexes.


11. This totally NSFW Austrian town

Seriously, Austria. Are you for real?


12. These pornographic city names


13. This unfortunately named lake in Pakistan


14. This Japanese town whose name is easily substituted as an insult


15. This weird AF place


16. And this city where he would never step foot in. Ever.


17. This rather bumpy road in Pakistan


18. And finally, this scandalous heart of Pakistan


BONUS: He can probably name this place

Some of these places are so scandalous, we think he might need to perform wuzu three times, just for good measure.

What other dirty places can you think of?

Cover Image via: Samaa TV

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