This Pakistani Minister is a Twitter Star And Here's Why

By Haadia Paracha | 23 Apr, 2016

Ever been in a situation where you look at someone’s social media account or stunt and think to yourself, “is this even FOR REAL”?

We’re talking about the man with a wit sharper than a whip and a fashion sense better than Harvey Specter, PML-N Minister of State for Water & Power, Mr Abid Sher Ali.


To put a face to that name, here’s who the famous Twitterati is

Source: Twitter 


Mr. Abid knows how to clean himself up pretty nicely

Source: Facebook


He is quite a wanderluster, too.

He frequents in epistemology and philosophical questions

Source: Facebook


Even has a Mohabbatein moment, every once in a while.

Source: Facebook


Fair enough, he looks like a reasonable man. OR SO YOU’D THINK.


Lo and behold!

Angel, much?

Source: Khabees Orat


We’ve all had that one embarrassing crush in high school or that weird hotmail email addresses at one point. Who are we to judge?


But then…


Is that a rap song? Why is everybody jumping in a lake? Is he trying to translate “chulloo bhar paani mein dhoob marro”?


He’s also well-versed in the art of trolling, ask Shireen Mazari.



Boss level

Source: Twitter


Or Mubasher Lucman.



Or Imran Khan.


Or Imran Khan AND Sheikh Rasheed

Abid Sher Ali Tweet


Here’s how the internet feels about the whole Abid Sher Ali situation:


And this is our verdict.


Abid sahab, keep our internet lives entertained!

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