33 Things You Know Only if You Go To Bahria University

By Mehak Imtiaz | 2 May, 2016


Bahria University may not be the party school of the century but if you are a Bahria student, or have ever been one, you’ll definitely relate to some of these things:

1. You either have too much time between classes…


Because having classes before and after jummah break is the most productive way to go, obviously.

2. Or no time at all

Source: Tumblr

And on the other hand, you could have 6 hours of classes in a row, and that’s also okay because you’re only there to get an education and should never complain about these things. Be good little children now.

3.This view is only a few minutes away from you

Source: Blogspot

Who can resist steamy hot pakoray and chaaye, all while taking in the beauty of Islamabad during the rain? Witnessing the Margalla Hills from Bahria is enough temptation to make everyone want to be up there in the clouds; and being only a few minutes’ drive away, Monal is the perfect spot to go to spend those few hours you have between classes.

4. The guards/aya jees have a bigger ego than the campus

Source: Tumblr

Make the mistake of leaving your ID card at home, wearing “tight” jeans, or forgetting that “Levi’s” written on a shirt is super offensive, and the guards will have their day with you. Reasoning with them is out of the question and warning letters are something that are given out like discount fast food flyers.

5. You heard “Bhai, lighter hai?” in the drop lane more times than you can even remember

Source: Facebook

You can’t enter the university without being greeted by that oh so lovely smell of smoke in the drop lane because that’s where everyone has to gather for their morning smoke. And afternoon smoke. And evening smoke. Basically, all the damn time. But hey, it’s not their fault they can’t smoke inside the campus “officially”.

6. You know that XC is like the Pindi to NC’s Islamabad

Source: Quickmeme

And OC is just the sad middle child that nobody acknowledges.

7. “Special” courses are the ones you aim to do well in

Source: Tumblr

Even the teachers are too tired by 5 to actually make an effort of teaching and you’re very likely to pass. Sure you have some pain-in-the-ass backlogs, but at least you know special courses are much easier than regular ones. Mostly.

8. Wondering if the summer is on or not is a discussion for every spring

Via: Tumblr

The admins can’t make up their minds about offering summer courses (only for improvement, btw) and you’re always left to wonder what your fate will be if you fail.

9. You refuse to call the campuses by their new names

Bahria boys
Via: Youtube

“I’m standing in front of Sir Syed block.”


“Yaar, OC kay samnay kharra hoon.”

10. Madina Market is your safe spot


Admit it, at one point or another you’ve wanted there to be some sort of magical transport that would get you to Madina without having to make the 5 minute walk there (or 10, if you’re unfortunate enough to be coming from XC). But going there is a must if you need to get your samosa chat and sutta fix.

11. You park your car in Madina

You were too lazy to apply for a parking sticker so now you have to park your car in the market and have faith that it’ll still be there when you go back.

12. Bismillah ki karahi is mandatory at least once a month

Source: Malik Hassan

You know it’s the best karahi in Islamabad and you just can’t get enough of it. Birthday? “Bismillah ki karahi khilao.” You passed all your courses? “Bismillah ki karahi khilao.”

13. You know who Tariq uncle is


If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to go on one of Tariq Uncle’s van, I salute you for your patience.

14. You’ve heard the tales about Sir Munna

Munna Meme

Munna is every CS student’s worst nightmare and the reason for many students not graduating on time. Everyone loves him so much that it’s a wonder why their dua’s haven’t united him with his maker yet.

15. Switzerland doesn’t refer to a European country 

Source: Malik Hassan
Source: Malik Hassan

This lawn behind XC is where you can find all the thirsty boys checking out the hostel girls.

16. Dressing up used to be one of the biggest decisions of the day…

Via: Tumblr


17. But the new dress code is something you just cannot comprehend

Source: Facebook

As if it isn’t bad enough already having to drag ourselves out of bed for 8:30 am classes, please go ahead and stop us at the gate for “inappropriate” clothing. That’s exactly what we want to do at college, dress “inappropriately” instead of study.

18. And you can’t even wear kheriyan under shalwar kameez

Source: Pinterest

Sorry, boys. I guess kheriyan are the Bahrian equivalent of girls wearing tight jeans? Because God forbid we cause another deadly earthquake.

19. The corridors work as makeshift charging stations


You can always find people sitting on the corridor floors charging their laptops and phones so they don’t miss that all important text from bae.

20. The winter consists of Juice Zone ki chaaye

Source: FeastLovers

The cold winter mornings just aren’t complete without a cup of their elaichi wali chaaye to warm you up.

21. You need a proxy to access the WiFi

…which still only works in the library.

22. Going to the library is like climbing Mount Everest

Source: Tumblr

It takes all you have to make the 4 floor climb up there during finals week. Just the effort alone should get you a 5 mark bonus in exams.

23. You don’t get cell signals on half the campus

Source: Tumblr

And getting 3G service is just out of the question.

24. You carefully calculate your grades to see if you can avoid probation 

Source: Make A Meme

Should you have studied during the semester? Yes. But was spending all your free time having karahi and pakoray and never making that crippling climb to the library worth it? Totally.

26. You get your friends to mark your attendance but still somehow manage to get debarred from exams


27. Your CR needs to be your BFF

Source: Sis Boom Blog

Because they’re the only ones that might help you out when you absolutely need to take that day off to go hang out with your old college friends.

28. The student portal crashes on the weekend right before exams


And you can’t get your exam slip printed from XC because it’s like a fish market in there. And this is still somehow your fault and you get threatened that you won’t be allowed to take the exam.

29. A Levels/college exams were harder than your finals

But you still end up wasting all your time and not studying for the piece-of-cake exam. Tsk tsk.

30. You know what scandalous place “Lover’s Point” is

Lover's Point Meme

Because going out on a real date is too mainstream.

31. You avoid using the bathrooms except for emergencies

Source: Popxo

It’s hard to believe people can get to university and still not know how to flush.

32. The common rooms are made for sleeping

Source: Giphy

Perfect for those 4 hour breaks.

33. You count down the days until graduation

Bahria is the blonde and you all know it.

Cover Image via: Malik Hassan

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