29 Things Only a FAST Student Will Understand

By Warda Baig | 19 Oct, 2015

Whether you hate to love it or you love to hate it, FAST was unforgettable.


1. Scratching your head over what to call it?!



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2. Dresscode fines.

The 500 rupees fines for wearing tights, sleevelesses and short tops never succeeded in faltering our commitment to wearing them like a fearless badass.


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3. Abbasi Chacha ki Biryani.

We all failed to understand, rather decipher, the gibberish that came out of his mouth yet he was best at what he did. Abbasi Chacha k hath ki biryani can beat Amma k hath ki biryani anyday. No offense to Amma though.


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P.S. Legend is they served soup in winters as well.


4. Pervaiz Chacha and his fleet of ‘Coasterain.’

The other favorite Chacha. Pervaiz Chacha, the infamous van-driver, never failed to amuse his passengers with his uninvited comic relief.
“Aik anda shape coaster hoti hai aur aik dabba shape. Logo ko anda shape zada pasand ati hai”.

pervaiz chacha

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5. The Shawarma stand.

The Shwarma guy was always Abbasi Chacha’s toughest competition. And rightfully so. Probably the most memorable thing about FAST was its loaded shawarma. Though one mystery stays unresolved: why was the cheese shawarma called cheese shawarma in the first place? Even upon examination with a compound microscope, no traces of the said subject were found in there. Ever.


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6. Back Café.

This was your go-to place to have tikka boti or awkwardly wait for endless hours for the photocopier to print your notes/assignments.

back cafe

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7.THE Sutta Tree.

The name says it all. The Sutta tree and its close vicinity were reserved for boys only as an unspoken rule. Girls would only shuttle past the tree as fast as they possibly could.

A little birdie tells us two girls once dared to visit the Sutta tree. Tales of their valor still resonate in the air surrounding the tree.


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8. Takru/Tharki Baba A.K.A TB

Being a girl at FAST came with a price. You probably could somehow evade the 500 rupees fine for ditching your dupatta but no way in hell could you dodge the “Babji” always running into girls accidentally-on-purpose. The loco TB would often be seen with a tray in hands which doubled as an excuse for losing his balance leading up to the ‘COLLISION.’


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It was funny how submitting an assignment on SLATE always resulted in utter failure. But not so funny when it trolled you during your online exam.


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10. Extreme silence in the library.

If rumors are to be believed, there’s apparently a third floor inside the library as well. Also, apparently the library attendants’ sole job was to come up with something beyond pin-drop silence. -9 decibels perhaps?


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11. Washroom graffiti. 

The rest-rooms for ladies in particular were particularly fascinating because of the very interesting graffiti on their walls. Presumably a form of creative expression from Takroo/Tharki Baba discussed above, the walls inside ladies room used to be always covered in disgusting drawings of the human anatomy.


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12. The horror of logging on to Neon.

Neon was a portal meant to be logged on to in isolation only. Publishing your attendance track-record and breaking your exam scores, opening up Neon around your friends was always a bad, bad idea.


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13. Hameed from the Academics department.

This guy had a gift of being able to speak to people without looking at them. You know how some people can type without looking at their keypads? That kind. Really. He just never failed to make you feel special.


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14. Forced Feedback.

Submitting online feedback each semester was mandatory because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be allowed to sit the exams. The computer labs of the campus would be completely full 10 minutes before the exam with students giving honest, well thought-out feedback. Lol ‘honest.’


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15. Marketing Mavericks.

The only silver lining during the semester. For everyone but the teams responsible for organizing the event. The campus looked more like a carnival during those days and one thing that stayed consistent during all the Marketing Mavericks throughout the years, was the Dunkin Donuts stall. Always there. Literally.


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16. GPA ka raggrra.

The second hardest thing (the hardest being scoring a girl) to get in FAST is a socially acceptable GPA. The batches that graduate in time are few and far between, you start off your degree with a class of 50 students and 4 years later your convocation picture shows 10 and a half graduates.


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17. Class timetable.

The saga starts first day of every semester. Normally you would expect to have one class-schedule for the whole semester, but no, the bipolar admin never fails to surprise you with a new timetable every week!


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18. Mandatory seminar attendance = 100 absolute marks.

Seriously guys? I’d rather pass. (or, fail).


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29. Stats k sir.

This one needs no introduction.
“Me: sir kitna lamba exam hoga? Sir K: 3600 seconds.”



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20. Attendance woes.

Drowning in a pool of tears when Neon would show your attendance as 79%. THE HORROR.


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21. Using Facebook inside the computer-labs.

Using proxies to access Facebook while being gawked at by the lab-guy in the small weird glass-room at the back and getting told off.

y u no

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22. Finance with Sir Hashir.

The unparalleled feeling of achievement of not failing Business Finance offered by Sir Hashir.
Achievement Unlocked.


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23. Fawaray.

A fountain is supposed to be a beautiful, artificial water body. However the fountains at FAST served as tombs for carcasses of frogs and rats. Tales of yore tell us traces of water were found in these fountains much before Mars..


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24. Never-ending supply photographers.

FAST literally has more students graduating as photographers than business grads and computer scientists.


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25. The ‘wildlife.’

Cats and squirrels running around are cute. Stray dogs? Not so much.

FAST’s in-house cat
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26. Girls Fiesta.

This was the university’s flagship women-only event with guys always begging for the scandalous details.

“Girls fiesta pay fashion show hua tha? Kafi mahol tha suna hai?


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27. FUDC.

FAST’s premier British parliamentary style debating championship for the debaters. Free passes to the concert for the muftas.


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28. Final Year Trip.

Most memorable trip you’ll ever take. This might top your honeymoon even. Remember the non-existent weirdo(s) you never interacted with throughout your 4 years? This one trip makes you fall in love with them even. Because love it or hate it, your college years without a doubt are the best 4 years you’ll ever live.


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29. At the end of the day, you called this place your home.

fastSource: Saad Rashid
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