Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Recreated The Most Iconic Pakistani Songs, And Oh The Nostalgia

By MangoBaaz Studio | 30 Jul, 2019

Last week, the ‘Top Eight’ were selected in Pepsi Battle Of The Bands’. This week, the battle only intensifies as it narrows down to the Top 4! So far, from past performances, it seems like ‘Auj’ and ‘E Sharp’ are riding high in the competition. Each week, they have wow-ed the judges, so much so that each band has been named the ‘Performer of the Day’ and presented with a cool Ibanez guitar signed by all the judges.

This week’s challenge was quite interesting. Instead of performing originals, the bands were tasked with performing their favorite songs and let me tell you, the nostalgia hit hard!

First up on the stage were ‘Star Zone’ and ‘Auj’.

Star Zone’ kicked things off with a cover of a classic Vital Signs song- ‘Ajnabi’. 

Their rendition started off great, however, somewhere in the middle, the song became a bit slow. Bilal Maqsood commented on how their song was like ‘daal chawal without any chutney or achaar’. This was followed by ‘Auj’ who performed a cover of Alamgir’s ‘Keh Dena’. The judges liked their performance but said it wasn’t as mind-blowing as their last time on stage.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Next up was ‘E Sharp’ and ‘Marjan’. 

‘E Sharp’ performed a high energy cover of Junoon’s ‘Neend Aati Nahin’, and they established themselves as a force in the competition with this number. The judges loved it so much that Bilal Maqsood went to the limit of saying that their performance was the best Battle of the Bands performance he’d ever seen!

Marjan was a high bar to meet! They performed a tribute to Reshma by covering her iconic song, ‘Lambi Judaai’. The pressure from ‘E Sharp’ and the high standard that comes with performing ‘Lambi Judaai’ seems to have gotten to them. Their performance was lackluster and judges felt it was ‘soulless’.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


The next battle was ‘Black Hour’ and ‘Uraan’. 

‘Black Hour’ chose an interesting song to cover; they chose ‘Tum Hi Se Ay Mujahido’ by Alamgir. Their rendition was goosebump-inducing and hit all the right notes. ‘Uraan’ performed ‘Bas Yunhi‘ by Shehzad Mughal. In comparison to ‘Black Hour’s’ electric performance, ‘Uraan’s’ performance, unfortunately, did not take flight.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Lastly, we had ‘Neon’ battle it out against ‘Aarish’. 

‘Neon’ performed a classic we’ve all heard growing up; Junoon’s ‘Mera Mahi’. However, Aarish’s rendition of ‘Na Tu Ayegi’ overshadowed ‘Neon’ and left an everlasting impact on the judges. The judges felt that ‘Aarish’ performed with all their heart and by comparison, ‘Neon’ gave a subpar performance.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


This week was different in that the judges were not saving any bands that were in danger. The bands that didn’t perform well were out of the competition! The bands that made it through to the next round were, Auj, E Sharp, Black Hour and Aarish.

It came as so surprise that E Sharp was announced the ‘Performer of the Day’, for now, the second time in the season. Their prize, however, had a twist. Going into the next episode, E Sharp had the choice of who they would perform against. They picked ‘Aarish’, which means ‘Auj’ will go up against ‘Black Hour’.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

This week’s episode put ‘E Sharp’ right in the lead. The band was now won the title of ‘Performer Of The Day’ twice, making them a force to be reckoned with.

It’s not just us who feel that way, fans of the show agree too. 

Source: Pepsi Pakistan / YouTube


People wanted to hear more

Source: Pepsi Pakistan / YouTube


Pakistanis are in love with E Sharp!

Source: Pepsi Pakistan / YouTube


With the Top 4 now picked, the competition will only get more intense and more charged! We can’t wait to see what all goes down in the next episode.

You can watch this week’s entire episode here:


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