Anushka Sharma Finally Responded To All The Pregnancy Rumors

By Iman Zia | 30 Jul, 2019

Anushka Sharma addressed pregnancy rumors in her recent interview with ‘Filmfare’ magazine.

After the catastrophic fiasco that was ‘Zero,’ Anushka Sharma revealed in an interview with ‘Filmfare’ that she’s re-assessing ventures while on a semi-hiatus. However, the mini-vacay away from films have churned the rumor mill that the actress is pregnant.


The actress confronted the assumption that if “an actress gets married, the next thing they talk about is, is she pregnant?”

Anushka told ‘Filmfare’ that being married will always come with pregnancy talk latched on; “if you’re married then people ask, is she pregnant? They love to read into something when there really isn’t anything.” Anushka went on to say “when she’s dating, it’s like shaadi karne wali hai ki nahi? It’s crude. You should allow people to live their life. What’s the need to jump the gun? Then put someone in a position where they end up clarifying unnecessarily. What irks me is the clarification part.



“Do I need to clarify? Nahi! But then that’s how it is. Any actress, who gets married….sabke baare mein they’ve said something.”

Anushka called out people who jump to conclusions and baseless rumors from something as simple as “wearing clothes that are loose…it’s like a monkey on your back. You can’t do anything about it. You just ignore it.”

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Her full interview can be read here.



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