13 Types Of People You Will For Sure Run Into At Every Mehndi Dance Practice In Pakistan

By Biya Haq | 9 Nov, 2018

The time has come.

Shaadi season is right on our toes and you know what else is?


Source: Deenga

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Pakistan’s very own Nach Baliye, (except that it is basically forced upon us) has officially arrived. That’s right people,


Nowadays, mehndi’s aren’t about having fun, sitting around and jumping into a freestyle dance session anymore. No no no, now – Mehndi’s call for intense dances, 20/30 on each side, completely choreographed (by a paid choreographer) and super dramatic skits.

Like I said, Nach Baliye.

Via: Deenga.com

And as we dive into dance practices, we also come across a number of characters that you are guaranteed to see at every session. Oh yeah,

Here are the different types of people that show up to dance practice.

1. The Choreographer

Source: MangoBaaz

This dude, or lady – always has way too much energy, intensity or is literally always in a bad mood. And honestly, don’t blame them, they have to teach a bunch of people who are either too distracted, shy or are trying to be literally anywhere else in the world.

2. Subki Lene Wala

Source: MangoBaaz

Acha jee. This person will come to every dance practice for the sole purpose of making fun of everyone. But when it comes to him dancing? No chance.

3. Kamar Lachkaati Haseena

Source: MangoBaaz

Okay this girl or guy, has got allll the moves. Super great dancer, Choreographers fave student, dance practice was pretty much made for them. Low key can be annoying when they let all that power get to their head.

4. The Wannabe Hero

Source: MangoBaaz

Okay so this person, pretty much thinks that dance practice is the set of a Bollywood film. LISTEN UP THOUGH, there are no hidden cameras, and Karan Johar is not going to walk in and discover you. Chill.

5. The ‘Main Bohot Acha Dancer Hun’ Guy

Source: MangoBaaz

Haye, bechara. We’ll just let him be.

6. Cousin From Amreeka

Source: MangoBaaz

This person is PUMPED to be visiting from ‘Amreeeeeeka” for his cousin or friend or family friend’s wedding. They will go on and on about their skills, how Desi they are and also how Amreekan they are.

7. Stressed Out Dulhan

Source: MangoBaaz

Haye, bechari. To start off with, dulhan’s are super chilled out and laid back at practice, in fact, they start dancing too! However, as the day grows nearer and none of your dancers have pulled it together, oooh. Get ready for the dramatic, emotional and super aggressive fangs.

8. Dulhan’s Best Friend

Source: MangoBaaz

She will literally save you from being decapitated. She is a life saver. Listen to her.

9. The Underdog

Source: Deenga

This is the person that literally pays no attention to any kind of lesson and all of a sudden, at the day of the event they are magically transformed into an amazing dancer. WHAT.

10. The Person On The WhatsApp Group That Keeps Cancelling

Source: DanishAli/Youtube

Dance practices all start with one thing. A WhatsApp group. And though it’s super hard to attend every single dance practice especially when you have a full-time job or a family or both, this person is literally the WORST. Just say you’re not coming!!!!!

11. The Cheerleader


This is usually someone’s mom, khala and not phupo who keeps walking in and watching everyone dance and cheering them on. They’re the best.

12. The DJ

Source: Reddit

Plays the music. That’s about it.

13. Bhooooooooooooooka

Source: Deenga

This is the person that walks in and says nothing, eats everything and peaces out. This is the silent hero among dance practices. Respect the bhooka. Be the bhooka.

There ya have it, folks, just some of the dancers you will be seeing this Shaadi season. GoooOoooOod luck.

Oh also, since you’re here, maybe check out our very own video on types of people at dance practice? hehe.

Have you seen any of these characters? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: MangoBaaz

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