People Want Mo Salah To Play The Next James Bond After Seeing His Shirtless Picture

By Fatima A | 8 Jun, 2019

26-year-old Mohammed Salah aka Mo Salah is no stranger to football fanatics all over the world. The Egyptian national has been making headlines all over the world for his amazing skills as the forward for Liverpool and even has a coveted Premier League Golden Boot to his name (basically an award given to the leading goalscorer in the Premier League).

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However, it’s not just Mo’s athletic abilities that have people going crazy over him.

Recently, Mo just shared this picture of him in his “holiday uniform” and every single human with eyes is very much in love.

This man is single-handedly responsible for causing a water shortage in the world because THE THIRST IS REAL.

Can someone be the reason you wanna continue living but also spontaneously make you want to combust in flames because of their general existence? Asking for a friend for purely medical reasons…

Holy Mo-ly, amirite?!

Anyway, apart from inducing increased palpitations in every single person who sees the picture, it also seems to have incurred this groundbreaking idea in one Twitter user’s mind:


Yes. A 1000 TIMES YES.

“Salah for the next James Bond, ” reads the tweet, subsequently adding some serious shade in continuation. “The entire film is him returning British Museum artifacts to their countries of origin, and then he goes home to his wife and children.”

Source: Tumblr

People have already started coming up with scripts.

And literally, EVERYONE is on board with Mo as James Bond.

Love how parallels to real life are made.

And this hilarious tweet which makes me wonder how Salah’s mother would react to all of this.

Even Salah’s colleagues are up for this 007 adaptation.

Source: @mosalah/Instagram


Source: @mosalah/Instagram

Look at how he rocks a tux too?! Someone tell me how he isn’t James Bond already.


I DEMAND ANSWERS. WE WANT THIS MAN IN A BOND MOVIE. I mean, what does Mo not have that all the old Bonds did, huh?

Just have a look at the most recent Bond actor, Daniel Craig.

source: Columbia Pictures

And, then have a look at Mo.


Source: @mosalah/Instagram

Are you telling me that this man is not an exact embodiment of everything Bond?

Sir Roger Moore is acclaimed to be the longest-serving James Bond.


But how come no one’s acknowledging my man, Mo for serving iconic looks the longest?

Source: Dan Istitene/Getty Images

The quintessential Bond, Sean Connery, was iconic for his quick one-liners.


But one liner’s don’t come close to being half as deadly as Mo’s lethal wink.

source: @fifaworldcup_de/Twitter

Hayee. Maar dala.

Pierce Brosnan will always be every 90’s kid’s hero for his daring portrayal of Bond.


But c’mon, one glance at Mo’s steamy stare and no one would dare commit any crimes.



Look, if the Australian model, George Lazenby could be Bond…


…then, Mo definitely deserves his chance to shine as Bond too.


I mean, Mo has everything a good Bond needs. Good looks.

A killer smile


He’s fit


He dresses for success.


And the ladies LOVE him


Even celebs alike can’t get enough of Mo.


Basically, Mo Salah is the real-life embodiment of James Bond and I need a movie 007 adaptation starring him ASAP.

Just look at him, how can you NOT see him as James Bond?


So, do you agree? Would you like to see Mo as the next Bond too? Or are you over the Salah hype? Let me know in the comments below.




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