People Think Humaima Malick Might Have Gotten Married Secretly, And This Is What We Know So Far

By Arslan Athar | 13 Jun, 2019

Humaima Malick has definitely had a few ups and downs in her career. From featuring heavily in dramas and film, the actor suddenly went quite a few years back. With the advent of social media, the actor found an avenue to remain relevant and it seems to have worked. With a massive following, she’s done well for herself. Now, she’s making a return to cinema with the much-anticipated film ‘Maula Jutt. 

The actor has always been very private about her personal life. 

The most we get to see is her life with her siblings and her close family, but nothing much outside of that.

Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


Recently, something has changed in Humaima’s life and her Instagram persona too. 

A lot of fans of the actor have noticed the entry of a new man in her life, and are now speculating if she has gotten married in secret.

The first time he popped up on her feed was back in November. Her caption gave fans a lot of hope.

‘Main Man’

Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


This was followed up by her next image, captioned ‘He is dangerous, but he is generous’. 

Humaima had disabled comments for this image in particular.

Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


The image that seems to have convinced fans that she is married is this picture from Humaima’s recent Umrah. 

Humaima posted no other picture with anyone from her family on this trip, and to go to Saudia Arabia you need a mehram to go with you, which does possibly indicate that Humaima might actually be married. The actor had also disabled comments for this picture.

Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


Some fans left comments under her first picture with the man, congratulating Humaima. 

Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


Source: @humaimamalick / Instagram


A fan page on Instagram has also insinuated that the actor has already gotten married.

Source: @gossip_milkshake / Instagram


Another fan page tagged the guy himself! His name is Akbar Dhedhi and this is the one post on his Instagram page. 

The first comment is by none other than Humaima Malick.

Source: @dhedhiakbar / Instagram


We wish the actor all the best for both her career and her personal life. We hope we can hear from her directly on this update in her life!

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