People Shared Their Rishta Rejection Stories And Honestly These Are Some Fucked Up Incidents

By Rameeza Ahmad | 14 Apr, 2019

It’s 2019 but rishta culture is still toxic AF. 

Pakistanis may boast about how much better our ‘arranged marriage’ culture is that ‘love marriage’ which is prevalent in the West. But honestly, is it better? I have begun to question this more often than not when I heard women talk about their experiences with this culture. It sounds traumatizing to say the least.


While rishta culture sucks for both men and women in terms of how toxic it is, it is also an entrenched reality for so many people

There’s the whole ordeal of sitting through the rishta process and getting scrutinized by complete strangers like you’re some bakras on display to be bought for sacrifice for Eid ul Azha. Then of course, comes the toxic superficial rejections and the effect they have on the people who are rejected.



So Anum, a doctor from Karachi, asked people to share reasons they were rejected by potential rishtas, there were quite a few responses from eager Pakistanis

Anum is a doctor in Karachi and has personally seen the toxic rishta culture. She told me about the type of questions people confidently ask and the demands they make when they find out she’s a doctor. Things along the lines of how she will have to work and support the guy because he is just starting out in his career to whether the house they lived in was owned by them or on rent.

Anum started the conversation to find out what other reasons people have been rejected for and the replies were very interesting.


A lot of the reasons people were rejected for, unsurprisingly were superficial as hell, related to height, weight and complexion

Bhai life partner chahiye ya doodh dene wali gaye inn logo ko?

And honestly, the entire experience is incredibly traumatizing for people.


And it wasn’t just women sharing their stories, a lot of men pitched in their experiences of being rejected for some fucked up reasons


Finances and assets seem to be a big reason why rishtas are rejected. Because marriage, gambling and financial transactions, what’s the difference right?

Honestly, when will we get rid of this toxic rishta culture? A lot of people have started talking about how parents shouldn’t put their children in a position to be rejected in the first place. But unless dating becomes acceptable and more common in Pakistan, what will be the alternative way to finding a life partner?

Maybe the solution can be as simple as parents not asking for a reason for rejection, that’s like offering your child up on a silver platter to the other person so they can point out their every flaw. If someone doesn’t seem interested; don’t pursue it? But the complexities of each situation are different and vary so a blanket solution can’t be possible either.

What do you think should be done with the rishta culture?

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