People Legit Can't Handle Danish’s Thappar To Shehwaar On Mere Paas Tum Ho

By Maryam Khalid | 24 Nov, 2019

Mere Pas Tum Ho is bound to create a ruckus every week with its dramatic twists and dialogues. Just when you thought that Humayun Saeed’s character Danish stole the show with his ‘doo takkay ki aurat wala dialogue”, he returned once again with something that has sent the show’s fans in a frenzy.

In the recent episode, Shehwaar threatened Danish that his lawyers would rip Danish apart if he doesn’t let Roomi meet Mehwish.

And it isn’t even Danish’s fault. Roomi refuses to meet his mother at school. Mehwish thinks that Danish is making Roomi avoid his mother. She makes Shehwaar call and threaten Danish.

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Meanwhile, Roomi’s teacher tells Danish that forcing the child to meet his mother might be bad for his mental health and academic performance.

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In a heart-to-heart talk with his son, Danish urges Roomi to meet his mother or he’ll face legal consequences. Roomi straight up calls him his weakness. 

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All of this combined brought the rage out in Danish.

Wearing a three-piece suit, he rushes to Shehwaar’s office and slaps him really hard. He then pins Shehwaar to the floor and says, ”Tumhe nanga kerne mein mujhe bilkul time nahi lagega.” 

Danish makes his point clear that he isn’t going to spare anyone coming for his son. Leaving Shehwaar startled, he leaves the office. 

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People are rooting for Danish after this scene.

People had been waiting for this battle for way too long.

The goosebumps were too real.

People are not coming slow with the memes.

Meanwhile, Adnan Siddiqui posted a BTS video of this savage scene on his Instagram.

Can’t digest Danish and Shehwaar casually chilling after this LOL.

Danish has finally unveiled his ferocious self, making stuff even more interesting. If you’ve watched the episode, what do you think of the scene? Let us know in the comments.


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