People Can't Stop Pointing Out A Silly Mistake In This Ufone Ad And It's Actually Really Funny

By Noor | 10 Apr, 2019

Ufone ad being funny without actually trying? That’s a new one.


So, you all remember those super creative funny Ufone advertisements that generated bursts of laughter, right? The telecom company always does make us laugh but this time a little blunder in the advertisement is the reason behind why Ufone’s making people laugh more than any creativity in their ads


So, an image from a recent Ufone advertisement caught the attention of many on social media

People posted that image on the various social media platforms and asked others if they could spot an error in the image.

Source: WhatMobile Group/Facebook

Do you see it?


People were quick to point out what the “big blunder” was

Source: WhatMobile group/Facebook


A few were even ‘smart’ enough to identify the upside down phone’s company

Source: WhatMobile Group/Facebook
Source: WhatMobile Group/Facebook


Many “experts” came up with different arguments to explain why the lady was holding the phone upside down

Source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


Source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


A few found this relatable and went on to share their own experiences

Source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


There were also concerns about the lady’s engagement ring, LOL

Source: WhatMobile Group/ Facebook


A few pointed out that there’s a genuine reason to hold the phone in an inverted way

They explained that the company probably didn’t want to promote any other brand of phone. They also asserted that upon showing another brand in a specific advertisement can end up in serious legal consequences. It can also lead one company to sue the other.

Source: WhatMobile Group/ Facebook


Source: WhatMobile Group/ Facebook


STILL a few  were adamant to prove that this was a silly mistake on the company’s part and they had no reason to do it

Source: WhatMobile Group/ Facebook

So, this was all about it. Do you think that this was an intentional mistake? or they actually forgot to correct the position of the phone while shooting the advertisement? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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