People Are Trolling Sharmila Faruqi For Confusing Fish For Chicken And It's Pretty Hilarious

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Apr, 2020

Politician Sharmila Faruqi has been posting regularly on Instagram to keep people entertained during this time of self-quarantine. She has taken to posting videos of herself cooking. And one of the first videos she posted was of her recipe for pan-fried red snapper.

However, she had a bit of a slip of tongue and ended up calling the fish a chicken fillet repeatedly before she revealed that it was a fillet of red snapper.

People caught the mistake right away and of course, there were plenty of memes to go around about the innocent mistake.




And then, comedian Natalia Gul nailed the impression of Sharmila Faruqi’s first-ever cooking video. She made quite a few hilarious remarks. And kept a straight face throughout. The video is hilarious to watch.

Another Twitter user, Maira Hayat made a parody video as well, which was equally hilarious. She had a potato in her hand and referred to the vegetable with various names which keeping a deadpanned expression on her face.

People could not stop laughing. The two videos were honestly hilarious and a great source of laughter for many.

But there were some who thought these parodies were uncalled for. However, Natalia clarified that it was just satire and she meant no harm and should be taken lightly.

Even Sharmila Faruqi tweeted that she had enjoyed the parodies.

She was happy that her innocent mistake provided much-needed laughter in these tough times.

She even went on to troll herself


Honestly, the entire incident indeed is a great way for people to laugh in our current circumstances. And kudos to these women for making these parodies and to Sharmila Faruqi for being such a good sport about it.

What do you guys think about these hilarious parodies? Let us know in the comments below.


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