People Are Trolling Lahore Qalandars For Losing In Their Very First Match Of PSL 4 And It’s Straight Up Savage

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 Feb, 2019

Well, that was embarrassing for Lahore Qalandars…


Last night’s match between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandars kicked off 2019’s Pakistan Super League. After a surprisingly good start, Lahore Qalandars went back to performing badly and ended up losing the match. With their performance record in PSL editions of the past, people were not exactly surprised.


People savagely began trolling Lahore Qalandars as soon as it became evident that the team was losing the very first match of PSL 4


But seriously how ready were y’all?!

I guess everyone saw it coming


As usual, there were lots of Fawad Rana memes


Some people were kinder and more hopeful about the team’s performance this year because it was just the first match

It’s okay Lahore Qalandar fans, it was only the first match. And you win some, you lose some. That is what sports are all about, aren’t they? So don’t be disheartened, Lahore still has a chance to redeem itself. So keep your meme folders ready, abhi tou party shuru hui hai.

And come one, it’s not like they lose on purpose, I mean who would want to disappoint the teddy bear of a man named Fawad Rana? NO ONE. Tension nahi lein, apna time aye ga, Lahoris.

What did you think of the match last night? Let us know in the comment section below.


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