This Viral Petition Is Asking For Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern To Be Given The Nobel Peace Prize For Her Bold Leadership

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Mar, 2019

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has won hearts globally following the Christchurch tragedy.


The days following the Christchurch shooting, all eyes were on New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

And boy did she deliver? With her empathy, kindness and display of leadership she immediately endeared herself to the whole world.


People wanted to see how she handled a situation which was deemed unprecedented for a peaceful country like New Zealand. And Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern handled is amazingly well.

She made an immediate statement, in which she said of the victims ‘they are us’, to show how they were as much a part of the country as anyone else. She termed the shooting as an act of terrorism immediately and people especially were overwhelmed with the kind of empathy Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern displayed.


She visited Christchurch the day after the attack and met with the Muslim community affected by the incident in the city. She consoled those who had lost loved ones. And pictures of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hugging people tightly with sadness on her face went viral.

In the pictures, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was wearing black and had her head covered out of respect for the Muslim community. Her empathy won everyone’s hearts.


Seeing her display of kindness and leadership during trying times for her country, people have started a petition for Prime Minister Ardern to win the Nobel Peace Prize

The petition is addressed to the Norwegian Nobel Committee… and former US President Barack Obama for some reason.



The petition already has over 50,000 signs and was started merely over a week ago. And people really want Jacinda to win the prize.

It is heartening to see people starting campaigns for those they think are worthy candidates for the prize.


Just a few weeks ago, Pakistanis were calling for Prime Minister Imran Khan to win the Nobel Peace Prize for the exemplary way he handled the tensions with India

A petition going around the internet had gained considerable momentum, so much so that even Imran Khan commented on the situation.


Which of these two bright leaders would you like to see win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Let us know in the comments below.


Imran Khan Just Said He Wasn’t Worthy Of The Nobel Peace Prize And Haye, Dil Jeet Liya

Pakistanis Have Started A Petition To Give Imran Khan The Nobel Peace Prize After His Gesture Of Peace

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