This American Talk Show Host Just Compared Imran Khan With Trump And People Are PISSED

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Aug, 2018

Trevor Noah is a popular late night show host in the United States.

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He hosts the Daily Show which is basically both a talk show and a news satire program. The show, like many others, is known to be very critical of Donald Trump and his policies.

And in a recent episode, Trevor decided to compare Trump with other politicians around the world. And in particular, he compared Trump to Imran Khan, the Prime Minister-elect of Pakistan.

Source: Comedy Central via Youtube

And the comparison was very…interesting.

Trevor talked about how both Imran Khan and Donald Trump have similar pasts; both were from privileged families, went to the best universities and had ‘playboy’ pasts because of their ‘heartthrob’ status.





Other than that, he tried to peddle Imran Khan as a more tan version of Donald Trump. Comparing their political struggle. Trump who dabbled in politics for the first time and Imran Khan who has been at it for more than two decades and actually won and ran a government in an entire province for the last five years.

People were very upset at this comparison because it was not well researched and completely out of context.

People were quick to notice all the information and clips of Imran Khan that were taken out of context.

And how this was unfair and only peddled a further negative image of the country to Americans who already have a warped image of Pakistan.

Let’s just hope people do their own research before branding Imran Khan as another erratic world leader with the power of nuclear weapons under his thumb.

You can see the video for yourself and watch Trevor compare the two head of states yourself.

What do you think of their comparison? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover Image Source: Comedy Central Via Youtube

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