People Are Making Jokes Around Hollywood Actor, Keanu Reeves' Name And LOL, It’s Hilarious

By Ushbah | 12 Jun, 2019

After the success of John Wick: Chapter 3 and ever since the recent announcement of Cyberpunk 2077, a role-playing videogame that millions of players had been speculating about for years, the name Keanu Reeves has been in everyone’s mouth.

The Canadian-American actor and musician, who is famous for his roles as Ted Logan and John Wick, is now going to be in this game, as announced at E3 this Sunday. Players will get to interact with Keanu in this game as an anarchist, and people are psyched. Even though they are not certain about what character he will play, they’ve already pre-ordered the game. Invented by the makers of Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, the game has been in the making for nearly a decade and comes out in April 2020.

Needless to say, people consider Keanu Reeves to be a wholesome, integral part of their lives. 

He made an appearance after the game was announced, and fans were star-struck.

At E3, a fan yelled the words “you’re breathtaking!” at Keanu, when he took the chance to say it right back and melt the hearts of everyone in the crowd.

People are beyond excited about this ‘Reeves Rennaissance’ – aka, the”Keanussance”- and the internet seems to be struck by a bolt of creativity yet again as they all join together to make jokes in a particular trend. It all started a bit like this, with some clever wordplay:

And soon, a fire was sparked.


…and it spread…


I believe in this trend.

Some creativity also hit home here at MangoBaaz too.


Source: Sham Idrees Vlogs/YouTube Via Sajeer Shaikh

Oh and wait – I almost forgot this one.

I mean…

Keanu as a desi, tbh.

These puns are out of this world, but so is Reeves, who seems to charm everyone on the internet the second he makes an appearance. Do you have any puns of your own to add? Drop em in the comments below.

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