People Are Disgusted By The Way Media Informed Qamar Zaman Kaira That His Son Had Passed

By Owais Bin Asad | 18 May, 2019

Trigger warning: death and trauma

We’re all aware of PPP’s leader Qamar Zaman Kaira. He was also the Minister of information and Mass-Media Broadcasting at one time.


Yesterday, news broke out that Mr. Kaira’s teenage son, Usama, had passed away in a car accident in Lala Musa.


The entire nation was saddened by this news. Journalists, politicians, the common citizen, all were deeply saddened by this and expressed their condolences. Political and ideological differences are put aside in such traumatic incidents where one loses their very own child and that is what we saw as well, everyone was very sympathetic.


People have noticed something problematic about the way reporters broke the news to Qamar Zaman Kaira while he was talking to the media, on camera.

The PPP leader was answering some questions to a few news reporters when one of them told him that news had come of his son being involved in an accident. Everything was normal up till that point, after this, his face kind of froze. Watch the clip yourself first

I mean, you’re telling him about his son being involved in an accident, I’d have the same reaction. Mr. Kaira just excused himself from the interview to verify and check up on his son.

One of those reporters, very callously, said, “Qamar sahab check tou karain, sunnay mein aya hai death ho gai hai.”

Are you kidding me? This isn’t even remotely ok. The sheer insensitivity of that reporter to unveil the news to him in this manner is baffling me. How could anyone even think of saying something like this? This just enforces my belief that our media is absolutely ill-mannered, ill-trained, ill-organized, and just pathetic.

I understand that delivering the news first is their top priority but one needs to take into consideration the time and place as well. Why would you tell a father the news about his son’s death while he’s on live national TV?


This insensitivity isn’t even new. I wish it was but this is a recurring thing with our media.

Remember when Edhi Sahab died (may his soul rest in peace)? Now, remember the part where one reporter actually laid down in his empty grave to…show how it was like? Not only that, every time someone dies in an accident or an explosion, these guys will shove their cameras into the crying faces of the victim’s mothers just to get the shot of a teardrop going down her cheek. I think “disgusting” would be an understatement.



The good thing is that everyone noticed the insensitivity and pointed it out.

From normal everyday citizens to politicians and journalists, everyone who saw the video was disgusted by the way the news was delivered.


Maria Memon even talked about this on her show.

This whole incident was nothing short of terrible. The way those reporters delivered the news, how they phrased each sentence plus the already existing image of our media as insensitive, ill-trained, “professionals”, resulted in everyone being disgusted by this series of events. Our media really needs to reflect on their priorities and needs to understand where one should draw the line between being first to the news and being insensitive like this.

What are your takes on this? Do you think what they did was ok? Do you think otherwise? Let me know in the comments below.


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