People Are Demanding Justice After Student Ranjesh Kumar Of Karachi Allegedly Passed Away After A Politician Hit Him While Drunk Driving

By Janita Tahir | 11 Sep, 2019

People are demanding justice for Ranjesh Kumar

Allegedly on 7th September 2019, a young student from Iqra University, Karachi, Ranjesh Kumar, died from a hit and run accident. The former MPA of Sindh, PPP’s Ponjo Mal Bheel was allegedly drunk driving when he hit the student’s motorbike and caused his death.

Apparently, the FIR has been lodged since three days ago and still, no action has been taken.


People have taken to social media to ask for justice for Ranjesh Kumar for they believe his life was taken away by a selfish rich person


Some came out to protest the brutal way Ranjesh Kumar lost his life


Others were urged to join the campaign #JusticeForRanjesh


Many people are sick of always protesting for justice

It is indeed terrible that justice seems to be achieved only after social media is utilized to campaign for something that should otherwise be legally a right of everyone living in a free, fair and supposedly prosperous country.


They want the person responsible for this to be held accountable for the death of Ranjesh Kumar


Pakistanis mourned the young man’s sudden death


Everybody called for action


The need for justice transcends barriers of race and religion. The unfair death of this young student is a loss to many who knew him, for sure, but his death is also a loss to the country because this young man may have gone on to contribute tot he country in ways no one can fathom. We pray that justice is served to Ranjesh and his family. However, the exact facts of that day are yet to be determined.

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Cover image via: @PoonjoM via Twitter / @ahsanaly_22 via Twitter

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