People Are Calling Squadron Leader Hassan The New MM Alam For “Surprising” The Indian Jets

By Sahar Basit | 27 Feb, 2019

Squadron Leader Hassan is a brave hero


Tensions between Pakistan and India are reaching new heights ever since two Indian jets were shot down early this morning.

According to the Pakistani military, after heavy shelling near the Sialkot area border, India once again crossed the LoC and this time Pakistan brought down two of their jets.


The PAF Squadron Leader who actually took down the two jets is Hassan and the Pakistani awaam has fallen in love with his bravery

People can’t stop appreciating his dedication to fighting for his country and everyone is praising him for his performance.


Everyone is saluting his bravery


This incredible feat pulled by Sqdr. Ldr Hassan has people so impressed that he is being coined as the new MM Alam

Muhammad Mahmood Alam, or MM Alam, was a fighter pilot of the PAF who shot down nine Indian jets during the war of 1965.


The love is pouring in…


… And now he’s everyone’s hero


People are saying he’s the kind of courageous hero who needs apprecation


He has also been coined the real Shaheen.


And the love for PAF is just unstoppable right now

We salute Squadron leader Hassan and the entire Pakistan Air Force for their constant efforts in keeping our borders safe. It is soldiers like Hassan who keep our faith and love for the Pakistan Air Force alive; soldiers who will do everything protect Pakistan.


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