People Are Calling Shahid Afridi The “Reham Khan Of Cricket” After The Release Of His Book

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 May, 2019

Shahid Afridi really didn’t have to do this… 

If you have even a little bit on influence and are at the twilight of your professional career, it’s almost a rite of passage to write a book about your life. And that is exactly what Shahid Afridi has done. Now that his cricket career is more or less over, he has bared all in his book ‘Game Changer’ which just came out.


Shahid Afridi’s book is c0-written by journalist Wajahat S. Khan (Yep, Waj Bro) and has already stirred up a lot of controversies



To the point where people are comparing Afridi’s autobiography to the one Reham Khan wrote.


The book has revealed a few “scandalous” things which were unknown to the public before.

Like the entire issue with how Shahid Afridi might be 5 years older than was officially known. Afridi told the public to not believe what the media was saying and read the book instead. Hah, nice try Afridi, you know no-one really reads here.

In the book, according to Geo, Shahid Afridi talks about his love for Prime Minister Imran Khan and how well the PM handled the Indian aggression in February. However, according to Afridi, there is still something left to be desired in how the Kashmir issue is handled and that Imran Khan should do more in that aspect since he is more flexible than Modi.


Other than that, he talks about his issues with both Waqar Younis and Javed Miandad.


Claiming that Younis had not let go of the past and micromanaged the team and undermined Afridi’s captaincy when he was the coach. Javed Miandad however, Afridi really does not like and is clearly holding a grudge against. He apparently calls Miandad a ‘small man’ in his book. And talks about how Miandad did not let Afridi practice with the team before a big match with India and Afridi was very embarrassed about having to practice with a stringed ball alone.

These are all the details which have been divulged from his book as of now, we will keep you updated if any other interesting tidbit from the book pops up.

What do you think of Afridi’s claims in his book?


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