People Are Calling Out These PSL Ads A ‘National Embarrassment' For Copying Old Indian Ads

By Noor | 6 Feb, 2020

The new PSL ads are getting talked about for all the wrong reasons

So, Pakistan Super League is just around the corner and cricket fans all over the country can’t wait for the series to start already. The release of a “controversial” PSL anthem has already grabbed audience’s attention and now the PSL ads that a sponsor came up with are being called into question.


These new PSL Ads have recently been broadcast to hype up the rivalry between all the playing teams

Unfortunately, the audience have noticed something rather embarrassing about these ads.


Soon after the release of these new PSL ads, the audience promptly pointed out that the content of the ads was copied from old Indian ads

Naturally, there were folks who began pointing out the sheer lack of creativity and the level of fucks being given by the people behind these ads to go ahead and simply plagiarize the idea of none other than perpetual arch-rivals, India.


A lot of people mentioned that this is pretty embarrassing for all as a leading event like the PSL being connected to such sheer stupidity is unfathomable

They wanted to about the people who messed up with something SO important


Fans also talked about the fact that the folks for these PSL ads were so lazy that the dialogues from the Indian ads weren’t even tweaked slightly


A few suggested that spending time and money on innovative ideas could have easily avoided this depressing and embarrassing situation

Source Ad Mad Dude/Facebook

Have you seen the advertisements? Do you think that the PSL ads are a copy of the Indian ads or is this an exaggeration from some angry fans? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: Ad Mad Dude / Facebook

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