People Are Accusing Shireen Mazari Of Nepotism After She Thanked Her Daughter For Helping With A Letter To The UN

By Rameeza Ahmad | 28 Aug, 2019

People just don’t like Shireen Mazari or her daughter at all.

As the Minister for Human Rights, a lot of people are looking towards her to raise the issue of the various human rights violations being carried out by the Indian government in Indian occupied Kashmir. And in light of that, she has written a letter to the UN outlining the violations of human rights taking place in Kashmir at the moment.


Last night Shireen Mazari wrote a letter to UN against India’s Human Rights violations in Kashmir

The letter gave a history of the human rights violations that have been taking place in Indian occupied Kashmir for decades. It then talked about the current situation and the use of gender based violence as a weapon of war and the communications shutdown the region was experiencing. It was quite detailed and covered a lot of ground.


And Shireen Mazari thanked her daughter who apparently helped in drafting the letter for free


Of course, the praise for Imaan, her daughter, did not sit well with a lot of people and they accused Ms. Mazari of nepotism


But Imaan replied to accusations by saying that she was not paid for her contribution and had the expertise required to do the work


Some people took issue with the fact that Shireen Mazari thanked her own daughter on a public platform and so they couldn’t stop making jokes about it


I mean people were REALLY upset over such a silly thing

Seems like nothing Shireen and Imaan Mazari do will ever be right. Considering that even a letter to expose the human rights violations happening in Kashmir to the UN couldn’t get them in the awaams good books but instead lead them to being attacked shows how people do not like strong women like this mother-daughter duo in power. Or maybe it’s just petty politics. Either way, this drama was unnecessary.

Do you think Shireen Mazari having her daughter help her with the letter is nepotism? Let us know in the comments below.


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