13 Types of People You Find At Every Rich People Party In Pakistan

By Haadia Paracha | 15 Oct, 2016

Swathed in designer outfits, lots of bling, andĀ posing for a satellite photo with a pout to boot, the Pakistani socially relevant crowd sure knows how to throw a good soiree. Taking overĀ our Instafeed and Snapchat stories through every major fashion publication, the it-girls and fashion-forward men gather for some late night bright lights and ‘refreshments’.

A rich people party, get-together or after-party is a no-go because of theĀ invite-only shenanigans; unless you know a friend of a friend. We’ve heard about all that goes on there and couldn’t help but pine a little. For those of us who aren’t as lucky to attend these exclusive affairs, worry not, for we have a rough round-up of every possible personality you might run into at these burgeoning social-elite parties:


1. The Expensive Divas

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga

Decked in designer outfits that are crazier than usual, this crowd is always slaying with their big style statements – the clothes, bags, heels, outfits, everything is on point. And the more outrageous, whacky and statement pieces, the better. From Zara to Ali Xeeshan, you’ll find this crowd turning heads as soon as they enter the party.


2. The Snapchatter


Turn on the music with the trippy lights and out comes this cellphone enthusiast like jack out of the box. Taking the dance floor alone like a stag, this snapchatter will snapchat the hell out of the party and getĀ random girls in the frame, the skimpier the better. They are also members of the closet haram-police who throw away fatwas by day and #chillvibes by night.


3. The Universal Best-friend

Source: desimagazine
Source: desimagazine

This party-goer safely assumes that he/she is liked by all, snaps selfies with everybody under the sun, exchanges pleasantries, throws “honey” and “jaani” as effortlessly as possible. There is always the possibility of people rolling their eyes behind this person’s back but there is no way to be sure.


4. The BoredĀ 

Source: Pinterest

Surgically attaching their cellphones to their palms, this lot will be found in dark corners huddled over the luminescent screens while puffing on cigarettes or cigars. The conversations are rare, they somehow communicate telepathically.


5. The ‘aunties/ uncles’

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga

In groups of fours and sixes, the gossip central indulges in extensive deliberations.

“party mein log kitnay random hein”

“did you SEE what she was wearing? Oh my God…”

Policing and shaming is a norm in this circle.


6. The PDA-Machines

Source: Fashion 360
Source: Fashion 360

There is plenty of conscious coupling and uncoupling at these parties. Unless cupid’s arrow finds you, you’re most likely to hate on the public displays of affection. For what it’s worth, this holds very little value in the eyes of these love birds.


7. The Host

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga

Found fretting over the expensive china, champagne glasses or making sure theĀ hors dā€™oeuvres are plenty for the crowd. Might be the life of the party or the one who is trying to get in with the cool crowd.


8. TheĀ Fashion Police

ali xeeshan and HSY
Source: Ali Xeeshan

For obvious reasons, this person will be found surrounded by a swarm of beautiful people. And for obvious reasons, this person is also probably the best decked out at the party. Probably best to stay clear of them if you’re ready to walk the runway.


9. The Dancing Queens

Source: Six Sigma Plus

Making the most of every party, these guys are the real winners.


10. The Wanna-Be-Featured-In-A-Fashion-Magazine Stars

Their main goal for the night is to have their picture and that of their squad featured in either Sunday, HELLO, Weekend, Papperazzi etc. It’s not enough for their friends to know they were at an exclusive party, everyone who’s anyone must also know.

11. That one person who’s just NOT having a good time

Source: YouTube

There could be several reasons for this. Maybe they just broke up with their significant other. Maybe they’re not happy with their outfit? Maybe the music isn’t to their liking? Maybe they’re just not happy with what’s going on around them? Who knows?


12. The Philosopher

Source: Six Sigma Plus

After a few ‘refreshing’ drinks, they’re suddenly transformed into Socrates. Whether they impart actual wisdom, that’s always up for debate šŸ˜‰


13. The person having the time of their life

Source: gqindia.com

Carpe the hell out of diem. Be like this person.



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