15 Movies About the Panama Leaks That Every Pakistani Needs to See

By Sarmad Amer | 8 Apr, 2016

The Panama Leaks have directed a lot of international attention toward the financial activities of the rich and powerful. The Panama based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, is at the center of all of this because the 11.6 million documents listing the financial activities of many of the world’s leaders and rich folks that are called the ‘Panama Leaks’ were from this very law firm. Among the many names that have been popping up, Pakistan’s very own Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family are one of them, along with other “dignitaries” like Rehman Malik.

Now, following the Panama Leaks, these movies based on these offshore activities will keep you mightily entertained.


1. This unforgettable movie


2. This one about what the rich people are actually thinking


3. Those with families involved in offshore trading can relate to this movie


4. This one about the leak causing havoc


5. This one about secret mission


6. And this one about the leaks being a legendary landmark in political history of the world


7. This adult movie


8. This one about the biggest beneficiary of these offshore accounts


9. And this one about why there are so many foran doray

10. And this one about how things are for them after the Panama Leaks


11. Wonder who this one is about?

Don’t think anyone’s as doodh ka dhula. #WishfulThinking


12. This is the sequel that the next generation will enjoy


13. And there will not be one either


14. Here’s another version about the Panama Leaks


15. But this one’s the best that everyone has to see


What’s your favorite offshore Panama Leaks title?

Cover Image via: The Hindu

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