Pakistanis Want The World To Talk About Palestine Even After The Ceasefire

By Sarah Shaukat | 22 May, 2021

All over the world, the uproar against the oppression of Palestine and the unwarranted attacks continue. What started off as a social media rampage, has now been taken to the streets. People have come out on the streets waving the Palestinian flag and chanting slogans to free them. The attacks started with Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah being forced out of their homes, and escalated to Israeli soldiers attacking the Al Aqsa mosque while Muslims were offering prayers during Ramazan.

The attack on unarmed worshippers evoked outraged amongst fellow Muslims and non-Muslim alike. What followed were days of tyranny and destruction with global peace organizations such as the UN not batting an eye despite public outcry.

Yesterday, it was announced that Israel and Hamas have agreed to a mutual ceasefire almost two weeks of ruthless bombardment by Israel that killed and displaced many Palestinians. 

Despite the ceasefire, the Israeli soldiers stomped into Al Aqsa mosque right after Jummah prayers.

Public figures, politicians and celebrities are making use of their platforms to raise awareness and counter the impact of ethnic cleansing by major media outlets.

The war faced by Palestine is not only a Palestinian issue but a global one. Therefore, besides the social media campaign, in Pakistan, several protests have taken place over the past few days to show solidarity with Palestine.

Many renowned celebrities and influencers including Mahira Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Ayesha Omar, Sheheryar Munawar, and Dananeer have also joined in these protests. The protests in Pakistan continue with the aim to focus on Palestine, post-ceasefire.

There is still so much that needs to be done. The destruction and devastation that has happened, due to the continuous shelling, needs to be taken care of. Moreover, the threat to Palestinians is still omnipresent. The protests are a call to action.

Here is all we have learned from these protests so far:

Many rallied with slogan asking for liberation of Palestine while other emphasized that the current attacks are nothing but genocide.


Protests are also taking place today across the country. Here is some footage from the protests happening in Karachi.

Civilians march on conducting a peaceful protest with powerful slogans and the Palestinian flag reminding people that they still need their freedom.

This continuous solidarity is highly important because Palestinians have suffered and continue to suffer, still.


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Globally, too, protests are still ongoing for Palestine 

We hope that our society continues to spread awareness and ensure that we keep this conversation going. It is about time that we put a stop to this madness. However, beware of spreading false information and always fact check before posting something online.


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