Pakistanis Can't Stop Making Hilarious Budget Memes After The Budget 2020 Was Announced

By Noor | 19 Jun, 2020

Budget memes 2020 have flooded the social media after the budget was announced

PTI government has just announced the second annual budget designed by its officials. Hammad Azhar, federal minister for industries and production, presented the budget during the session of national assembly today.



The government has been advocating that the new budget is aimed to ease the people all over the country but prominent names from the opposition have argued that this budget is a pathway to destruction. Well, to be honest, that’s the typical line of argument for every government and every opposition but with the ongoing pandemic this was a time to come together in ways unprecedented.

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While the government officials are terming this new budget as ‘relief budget’, the awaam can just not figure out the relief which is being offered to them. So, to celebrate the ‘ease’ given to them in terms of the new budget, Pakistanis are doing what they’re best at- flexing their meme-ing skills.


Here’s a collection of some really funny budget 2020 memes which you surely would not want to miss:
















Historically, visual communication has been the chosen form of communication for man since time immemorial. It started with cave paintings, then evolved into wall chalking in recent modern times/ With evolving times, it appears, that memes have become the new visual communication for people to discuss and share opinions on things that are deemed generally too controversial or “serious” otherwise, to discuss. Pakistanis in particular have taken to memes like a fish to water. Every new incident is taken as an opportunity to vent out by unleashing pent up frustrations and meme skills.

Do you have some more budget memes 2020 to share that you might have found interesting since the budget was announced this year? Drop them in the comments below.


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