Pakistanis Are Upset At PM Imran Khan For Allegedly Spreading Fake News About Coronavirus

By Noor | 21 Mar, 2020

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted out a general statement regarding the precautions for the COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. He informed the public that he is overseeing the measures to deal with the virus. He requested the people to follow the general guidelines given by the government and the officials and requested them to not panic.

He then held a press conference, and while addressing senior journalists, the PM stated that to ‘deal’ with the virus, he is going to discuss the issue with the public twice a week

Source: BOL News/YouTube

He further asserted that lockdown of the entire country is NOT the solution and the virus still might spike despite the practice of isolation and social distancing

Khan was asked if Pakistan can afford to become another Italy by eliminating the choice of lockdown. He responded to this by saying that to enforce a complete lockdown is pretty impossible and it can not be guaranteed that this practice will curb the spread of the virus. He tried explaining this approach of selectively locking down the places in the country with high number of infected cases.

Source: @PakPMO/Twitter

Khan drew a comparison between the situation of Italy and Pakistan and claimed that the situation in the country is still under control

Source: @PakPMO/Twitter

Soon after the PM’s address, people on social media accused Khan of misinforming people

In general, they criticized the way Khan was dealing with the chaotic situation

People urged the PM to order a lockdown 

They pointed out that the statements by the PM and the CM Sindh are contradictory to each other

A few reminded the PM of how speedily the virus engulfed countries that didn’t take concrete measures to fight it

The public, in general, is worried regarding the exponential increase in COVID-19 infected cases all over the world. They are claiming that the steps taken by the central government to fight the deadly virus are not sufficient. A lot of them are advocating the complete lockdown of the country.

So, what are your thoughts on the issue? Do you think that the government is heading in the right direction? Do you really think that following the plan proposed by PM Khan will well-equip the country to get rid of this virus? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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