Pakistanis Are Suggesting Hilarious Ideas For How India Can Turn The LOC Crossing Into A Bollywood Movie

By Biya Haq | 26 Feb, 2019

The LOC Crossing was nothing less than a Bollywood movie itself, tbh


By now, you must have heard that Indian war jets flew into Pakistan controlled Kashmir this morning on an unauthorized basis.

The jets flew three to four miles in Kashmir before being hastily hurried out. However not before they dropped a ‘payload,’ destroying a number of our trees in the process. Talking about it now, it kind of seemed like a bad game of teepee between both countries.

And though this kind of event may be potentially dangerous with regards to the future safety of our country, Pakistanis are not one group of people to shy away from a joke and it seems as though some Indians are joining in on the fun as well.


Pakistanis and Indians are talking about making the ‘#SurgicalStrike2 into a film after all the drama unfolds.



Bollywood would love to make a movie out of the drama that was the “strike” this morning


People are especially finding the Indian media’s reaction pretty filmy


And suggestions are being made to Bollywood for the movie ideas

^ Lmao.

^ Oh geez.

The sentiment has been quite negative and especially for all the fans in Pakistan who were not expecting such a reaction from their favorite stars. Either way, Pakistanis have been handling the whole situation very well with humor and somehow, a sense of calm.

Have you seen the conversation? What do you think? Who would you want playing Imran Khan? We think it should be Imran Khan. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover image via: / Yash Raj Films

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