Pakistanis Are Sharing What They Did With Their First Salary And It's Both Cute And Hilarious

By Manahil | 11 Jul, 2020

The newest trend on Twitter? Sharing your first salary. You heard that right. In a country with honestly no employer following the minimum wage standard set by the government, this gets pretty damn interesting.

Let’s see what people have to say.

This is pretty wholesome, tbh

And this is quite a flex

Was everyone working in 7th grade? I feel like an underachiever.


Okay, big jump, I know. I’m SHOOK.

Hmm… Seems fishy

Giving your entire salary for your brother’s tuition? Some people have the purest hearts out there.

This is pretty cool!


Even people receiving their first salary in 2020 are weighing in



And there are a few overachievers…


Some people are different

Pat on the back to all these people who have a job but let’s be honest, it’s seriously hard to get one.


Others also weighed in on the trend

And what about me? Well…


Share your first salaries in the comments!


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