Pakistanis Are Obsessed With This One Phrase Imran Khan Repeated During His Speech

By Ramsha Bhatti | 21 Aug, 2018

Pakistanis are still in complete awe of Imran Khan’s first ever national address as the country’s Prime Minister.

The national address was a silver lining which Pakistanis had been desperately searching for and now that they finally have it, they don’t seem to get over it any time soon. During the address, Imran Khan made many promises. He also reminded us of the problems which lie ahead for his party, and for us as well.

However, one thing outshone everything which Imran Khan repeated in his address

Imran Khan’s comforting words touched the entire nation, especially his followers and supporters.

Enthusiastic supporters finally managed to get the statement the well-deserved attention! 

The effort and dedication we all need in our lives!

Finally, Ghabrana Nahi Hai is trending on Twitter and people are tweeting like crazy!

Bus popularity check kar len. Someone even changed their Twitter handle to commemorate the statement!

Best thing, the statement is so perfect, it can be used anywhere. 

Awww. Hope he feels better.

^LOL btw, best photo award for 2018 goes to

Anyway, it’s seriously applicable anywhere.

 In fact, people are finding smart ways to incorporate Imran Khan’s words in their lives!


Next time one of my friends break up, I will be like: ghabrana nahi hai!

Of course, roasting kese miss kar sakte the log. 



And then the memes came in.

I love Pakistanis and their creativity! Whenever I need entertainment, Pakistanis on Twitter be like ghabrana nahi hai!

So what did you think about this part of the speech? Do you believe Imran Khan? Did you find it to be comforting? Let us know about your take on this trend.


Imran Khan’s National Address Is Giving People Actual Naya Pakistan Feels




Imran Khan Just Took His Oath As Prime Minister And The Whole Country Is Obsessing Over It


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