Pakistanis Are Now Trolling The “1992 Mein Bhi” Saying Because Umeed Toh Ab Hai Hee Nahi

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Jul, 2019

The “1992 mein bhi” saying is now just a mere phrase for trolling because all hope seems to be lost.

This year’s ICC Cricket World Cup has been sending Pakistani cricket fans into a frenzy. Everyone is convinced that the events of 1992 when Pakistan lifted the Cricket World Cup will happen once again because of the eerie similarities of the events of that year and now.

From the circumstances of Zardari’s arrest to the order the matches were won or lost; everything seemed similar and people were convinced that history would indeed repeat itself.

Alas, after New Zealand lost from England yesterday, Pakistan’s chances of entering the semi-finals have now become ever slimmer. And people have tossed the 1992 mein bhi yehi hua tha theory out the window.

And other are reminding everyone that we shouldn’t depend on the outcomes of other matches to win but instead focus on our own matches.

Clearly, a lot of people are now finally waking up to the fact that history might not be repeating itself and it’s delusional to hold onto that hope. 

However, if by some sheer miracle Pakistan does end up in the semi-finals, watch me eat my words. Happily.

Honestly, it would have been awesome to see history repeat itself to such a degree that Pakistan ended up lifting the 2019 ICC World Cup trophy while being the underdogs. But alas, we cannot have everything we want.

While the comparisons were fun, they have now come to an end as Pakistan prepares to play its match against Bangladesh tomorrow which might very well prove to be the last match Pakistan plays during this year’s World Cup. And well, 1992 mein tou yeh nahi hua tha.

Maybe next time we can rely on actual skill than on hope that history would somehow repeat itself so perfectly. What do you think about the similarities between the 1992 and the 2019 cricket world cup? Let us know in the comments below.


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