Pakistanis Are Disappointed After Qandeel Baloch's Parents Announced They Want To Forgive Her Brothers

By Rameeza Ahmad | 22 Aug, 2019

Qandeel Baloch’s parents just made a heartbreaking announcement.

The case of Qandeel Baloch had become a test case for the rights of women, recently. Her voice being stifled by the insecure men in her life became a roaring call for female empowerment. Sadly, her case has taken a turn that leaves everyone heartbroken.


Yesterday, the news of Qandeel Baloch’s parents announcing that they want to forgive her brother just sent shockwaves through social media

qandeel baloch's parents


In 2016, the world was shocked to learn that Qandeel Baloch had been brutally murdered

She had been murdered in the name of honour allegedly by her brothers who were upset at the image she portrayed of herself on the internet; one they did not approve of.


Her brother, Waseem Azeem who strangled Qandeel in their family home confessed to the media about killing Qandeel for honor. Yet even with a recorded confession in a room full of people, he somehow still remains unpunished.

And now that three years have passed since the murder, Qandeel’s parents who initially expressed that they would not pardon their sons for the crime they had committed and would make sure they were punished are apparently asking the justice system to forgive their sons.

They have submitted an affidavit to court asking their sons, the alleged murders of Qandeel to be forgiven and the case to be thrown out. Their argument is the fact that the amendment to the honor killing law which gave courts the right to carry on prosecuting a case of honor killing even if the victims family had forgiven the perpetrator had been passed after Qandeel’s murder hence did not apply.


It is up to the courts to decide, finally and everyone seems to be hoping that the courts will decide to carry on anyway and dismiss the affidavit.


People were upset to learn about the parents asking for the killers to be forgiven.


Many expressed shock at the change in sentiments of the parents.

It would be a tragedy to see the killers set free without any action taken against them. Qandeel’s case could set a legal precedent for years to come and should be dealt with very carefully. Hopefully justice will be served.

What do you think the court should do with the request Qandeel Baloch’s parent have made? Let us know in the comments below.


Qandeel Baloch Was Murdered By Pakistanis, Not Her Brother

Beyond The Grave: A Letter From Qandeel Baloch


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