Pakistanis Are Demanding ‘Justice For Zainab' Once Again After Another 2-Year-Old Was Raped & Murdered In Charsadda

By Sana Yasmeen | 8 Oct, 2020

Justice for Zainab has become a top trend once again

Children in Pakistan weren’t safe. No one was ever even falsely claiming it. But Pakistan has become even more dangerous for children because its own people will rape and murder them. This was the case with purana Pakistan and nothing has changed in the naya Pakistan either. Every day brings a heart-wrenching tragedy that is nothing but an excruciatingly painful reality.


This time Pakistanis are demanding justice for Zainab because yet another two-year-old was found raped and murdered in Charsadda

Two-Year old Zainab belonging to Charsadda was found mutilated and killed after being raped. She was reported missing a few days prior.


Naturally, people are horrified and shocked that their previous social media outrage didn’t work so justice for Zainab is, once again, a top trend on Pakistani social media

Justice for Zainab again
Via: Twitter


People are recalling how it was just two years ago when Justice for Zainab was being demanded but for another Zainab

Sadly not much has changed since that incident.


Shaken to their cores, people are demanding Prime Minister Imran Khan to show some responsibility towards the citizens of Pakistan


Unable to digest such a disturbing reality, people are angry at the continued inaction from authorities

With the motorway criminals still roaming free, such horrifying incidents continue to haunt us. The only positive to come out of this is that even though some of them make it to mainstream media but we’re continuing to see how rampant sexual crimes against women and children are, in Pakistan.

Such traumatizing incidents are being reported EVERY DAY and yet no justice is being served. This makes us all question the reality we are all living in. Will the authorities ever fulfill their promises of making the country worth living for us? Will the women and children of this state ever feel safe whilst knowing that their molesters and rapists roam freely? Will our authority ever be able to answer and satisfy their conscience for what is happening under their noses?

The legal framework of this country needs a deep overhauling so that victims are made to feel safe not further humiliated and shamed. Our education system needs a deep overhauling so that gender violence and sexual crimes are taught to properly understand and avoid.

Deeply troubled by the incident, we are praying that justice is served for the poor child and for all the other victims too.


cover photo via @waseem_islamian / Twitter

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