“Churails” Just Got Banned In Pakistan And Everyone's Pissed The F*ck Off

By Noomyalay Khan | 7 Oct, 2020

Churails just got banned from Pakistani screens WTF

Churails had come as a breath of fresh air from Pakistani TV industry. A web series made in Pakistan, by Pakistanis and featuring a very Pakistani story but with a flavor that was extremely unique. It definitely raised quite a few eyebrows. It also managed to get itself in its fair share of controversies. But what mattered was that this show had provided a step in the right direction for Pakistani TV industry. Well, all of that has come to a halt.


News broke earlier today that, for some reason, Churails had been banned in Pakistan

While the show is streamable on Zee5, an India-based platform, it was previously viewable for Pakistani audience. For some reason, it has now been blocked from viewing in Pakistan, while it is being streamed in the rest of the world without a hitch.


Naturally, the news has not sit well with many Pakistani fans because of the growing popularity of Churails that is going to be stunned after it was banned


People are so pissed that Churails being banned has become the top conversation on Pakistani social media right now

Via: Twitter


However, there are some people who apparently agree with the ban and point to “immorality: the series is apparently promoting, in their points of view


But many more are simply pissed at the way our own content that was being hailed for its progressive nature and path-breaking storytelling has been banned in its home country


The director of the series, Asim Abbasi, has also come out with a statement after the news was released

Asim said, as strange as it is for the show to be banned in its country of origin and production when it is being appreciated the world over for the dialogue it has created, it was also predictable.


It is not a loss for him alone as much as it is for all the women that his show was representing, and the whole cast and crew that came together to work on it. It is “a home-run for the misogynists”, says Asim Abbasi.


Some people are pointing fingers at this one clip from the show that went viral a few days back for being the reason the series was banned

Someone had shared this clip because they thought it was offensive to their personal sensibilities, and well I guess authorities care more about this one person’s “sensibilities” than the thousands upon thousands who were mind-blown by the path-breaking series.


Actor Osman Khalid Butt has also shared his disappointment with the ban

Despite sounding like a broken record, we will repeat that banning is never the solution. Banning only creates an unregulated black market that allows for actual ills to run rampant. What authorities, and our society at large, need is to understand that the only way to actually have a better society is to allow progressive discourse to flourish and not ban it because it’s too uncomfortable for your senile sensibilities.

Sound off in the comments below, your thoughts on the ban.


I Watched ”Churails” And Honestly, THIS Is The Change In Desi Stories We Needed


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