Pakistanis Are Cheering For Priyanka & Nick Jonas To Divorce Over A Silly Video And It's Scary

By Hafsa Ahmad | 18 Dec, 2019

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas getting dragged into another India-Pakistan tussle?

A little over a month ago, Nick Jonas made a video to promote his Jumanji movie. He shared his salam to Pakistani fans and they loved it. Pakistanis obviously couldn’t let this opportunity to roast Priyanka go so they started trolling the video. And if there’s anything better than Nick saying salaam in his cute accent, its Pakistanis trolling the crap out of “Prick.”


For some reason, over the last few days, Pakistanis have started dragging Priyanka Chopra over Nick’s viral video

Mind you, as I said, this video is a little over a month old but has picked up again for some reason.


Many people also wondered how Priyanka Chopra “allowed” Nick Jonas to say salam to Pakistan

I mean thora zyada rebellious ni ho gya Nick? To be honest, paise ke liye sab chalta hai.


Of course, others took this opportunity to concoct unnecessary “cheating” rumors between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas over a harmless video


Some also wondered how Priyanka would take his message


What is this behavior, Priyanka?


This led to people imagining what the consequences might have been for Nick after this video when he went back home


It even got rather uncomfortable seeing people cheering for divorce between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, and that too over such an inconsequential thing

Honestly, not a lot of Pakistanis like Priyanka Chopra right now after her celebration of India’s failed air strike into Pakistan and then snubbing and mocking a Pakistani girl, instead of answering like an intelligent person, who questioned her hypocrisy over her war-mongering for India while being a UNICEF Ambassador. However, cheering for divorce is going a little too far. Our dislike for one person aside, wanting for their life, marriage or home to be ruined is rather harsh, no?


Some people made really inappropriate jokes about the couple

While the trolls may have been savage we all know this video is really inconsequential to their marriage – as it should be. Priyanka’s extremely problematic politics and Pakistani fans’ savage jokes aside, no one should be cheering for someone’s home or personal life to be ruined like that.


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