Nick Jonas Just Sent A Special Message For His Pakistani Fans

By Sajeer Shaikh | 9 Nov, 2019

Nick Jonas, a.k.a one-third of the Jonas Brothers and one-half of the Nickyanka duo just sent over a cute little message for his Pakistani fans to promote his upcoming movie that will be released here.

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@midwaymovie premier tonight.

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Now, I’m over the moon about this, obviously, because Nick has been my dil khi dhadkan since I was a kid, but hold up. Let’s spell this out. Nick Jonas – Priyanka’s husband…

…the same guy who allegedly wrote this totally-not-forced piece of art to show his affection…

…sent a message for his PAKISTANI fans to promote his upcoming movie…

…when we know THIS happened:

“Girl, don’t yell.”

“Don’t embarrass yourself.”

You know, the whole shebang where Priyanka low key high key defended war under the guise of patriotism and topped the list of celebrities Pakistanis are beefin’ with?


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Priyanka and Pakistanis haven’t been on the best terms. We all know that. She insulted one of our own, and we haven’t really heard an apology for the same.

Now, obviously, Nick is his own person. He even chilled with Mehwish Hayat, remember?

Moreover, he probably doesn’t tell girls to stop yelling in his free time (though I can’t say this for sure), but I really want to know how Priyanka feels about this.

I mean, sure, the message was sent out to promote his upcoming movie and business is business, and in hindsight, as I type this, I realize it’s super petty to even bring this up, but as my 12-year-old self would say with regards to each phadda: “She started it.”

Anyway, here’s the message and the trailer for his new movie:

Nick Jonas | Jumanji The Next Level

Nick Jonas has a special greeting for all his #Pakistani fans! See him in Jumanji The Next Level in Cinepax Cinemas across Pakistan on December 13 brought to you by HKC Entertainment

Gepostet von Cinepax Cinemas am Freitag, 8. November 2019


It’s not much, but it’s the closest I’ll get to hear from Nick Jonas, which is one of the saddest things I’ve typed to date. Anyway, let me know if you’re as happy as I am about this.


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