YouTuber Raza Samo Just Shared His Take On The Entire Rabi Pirzada Controversy

By Noor | 9 Nov, 2019

In a highly unfortunate turn of events, singer Rabi Pirzada had to quit her musical career and leave the showbiz industry forever after her private photos and videos were leaked online. YouTuber Raza Samo took to his channel to talk about the same in a video.

Raza went ahead to present his perspective on Rabi Pirzada’s controversy

He started off by addressing the crux of the matter and explained the reasons for private photos/videos being leaked. He mentioned that such things have become a necessity in ‘relation-shits’¬† these days.

Source: KhujLee Family/YouTube

Awesamo asserted that ‘dekh kay¬†delete¬†kar dun ga’¬†is a myth and forwarding such ‘images’ is a HUGE mistake on the sender’s part. He also urged the people to think about the consequences before clicking or forwarding the images – which, well, sounds very victim-blamey.

A woman is often pressured into sending those images, and, at the end of the day, it’s her damn body. The blame should always fall on the vile excuse for a human being who leaks those pictures, not the victim who thought the other party could be trusted.

Anyway, then, the YouTuber also talked about the possible outcomes regarding this situation

He explained how people can be blackmailed before their photos are leaked without their consent. Moreover, he said that leaked images can heavily impact the personal and professional life of the victim which prevents them from normally living their lives.

Source: KhujLeeFamily/YouTube

Towards the end of the video, Awesamo discussed how such a situation should be dealt with by referring to Rabi

He suggested that acceptance is the first step towards the resolution of the problem. He further said that the victim should then forgive themselves and move on.

Source: KhujLee Family/YouTube

He concluded the video by mentioning that supporting the victim by posting similar sort of images is just illogical 

Awesamo stated that the culprits should NOT be forgiven and should be punished for their heinous crime.

Source: KhujLee Family/YouTube

You can watch the video here:


Have you seen the video? What is your take on the issue? Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via KhujLee Family/YouTube

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