Pakistanis Are Boycotting Indian Products And Indians Are Getting Salty AF About It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 28 Aug, 2019

Pakistanis boycott Indian products and it’s a long list.

The trend #BoycottIndianProducts started last night and since then has caught momentum as more and more people from across the globe join the movement and promote the hashtag. So much so that the hashtag started trending all over the world, not just in Pakistan.


Pakistanis have been highlighting all the Indian products that should be boycotted

The boycott comes as a way for Pakistanis to support Kashmiris in this trying time as the Indian government occupies their land and denies them their basic human rights. Pakistanis are furious with India for their heinous acts and are encouraging those siding with the people of Kashmir to boycott products and companies that are from India as a way to stand in solidarity with the people of Kashmir.


The boycott just doesn’t involve physical products but also includes the boycott of India media and content.

Since Pakistanis are a major market for both Indian products and Bollywood, this might make a big impact. At the very least the Indian government will lose out on some revenue.


But of course, Indians that saw the trend were pretty angry

After seeing the trend calling to Boycott Indian Products worldwide they began claiming that they did not need any business from Pakistan either.


Some even made disgusting jokes about Sania Mirza and Samiya Arzoo being ‘Indian Products’ and hence should be returned to India

Because of course, women are not viewed as human beings but as mere commodities. I mean that is just an insult to your own people… why would you make such idiotic jokes…

The entire trend was started to help raise awareness among people about Indian products which we use in our daily lives which ultimately help fund the atrocities in Kashmir in a way. Hence if we stop using them, we could actively play a part in helping Kashmir out in some little way.

What do you think about this call to boycott Indian products? Let us know in the comments below.


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