23 Pakistani Wonders Launched on Google Street View

By Ali Gul | 21 Aug, 2015

If you ever wanted to explore the various wonders of Pakistan, you’ll be happy to find out that your wait is over. Google has released the dynamic street views of famous wonders in Pakistan. To make things easier, we compiled the list and linked each title with the Google street view. Enjoy exploring our beautiful country!

1. Forecourt of the Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore

Source: Shahbano Kamran


2. Lahore Museum

Source: urduwire


3. Fakir Khana Museum, Lahore

Source: muamat


4. Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Source: visitpak


5. Jahangir’s Tomb, Lahore

Source: worldoftravel


6. Walled City of Lahore – Gates

Source: dostpakistan


7. Lahore Fort

Interior Courtyard
Jahangir’s Quadrangle

Source: islamic-arts


8. Allama Iqbal’s Tomb, Lahore

Source: photobucket


9. Shrine of Hazrat Mian Mir, Lahore

Source: twitter


10. Tomb of Malik Ahmed Ayaz, Lahore

Source: wikimapia


11. Harappa – Archaeological Site

Source: gandharatrails


12. Harappa Museum, Sahiwal

Source: nationalheritage


13. Shalimar Gardens, Lahore

Source: pak101


14. Shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah, Qasoor

Source: wikimapia


15. Tomb of Waris Shah

Source: dostpakistan


16. Darawar Fort

Source: whitengreen


17. Rohtas Fort, Jhelum

Source: flickr


18. Rohtas Fort Museum, Jhelum

Source: wikipedia


19. Kamran’s Baradari

Source: Chugtai Museum


20. Hiran Minar Park, Sheikhupura

Source: visitpak


21. Darbar Hazrat Baba Farid, Pak Pattan

Source: alertpak


22. Stupa of Buddha, Rawalpindi

Source: flickr


23. Sheikhupura Fort, Sheikhupura

Source: urbanpk


We have covered just the tip of the iceberg in this article. Google has covered many more wonders which you can find by clicking here. The cynics of Pakistan will realize its beauty by going through the Pakistani wonders launched on Google street view. Google also has some great satellite images of famous places in Pakistan which can be accessed by clicking here.

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