15 Teachers You’ve Had if You Studied in Pakistan

15 Teachers You’ve Had if You Studied in Pakistan

15 Teachers You’ve Had if You Studied in Pakistan

We are told teachers are our second parents. But in reality, not every one of our teachers shows abilities to act like a parent. Some even treat you like an enemy, right?

So on this Teacher’s Day, as we all pay tribute to the dedicated efforts of every single one of our teachers who contributed to our lives, here’s a glimpse of some of the teachers we have all had in Pakistan. Can you find yours in here?


1. The Clueless New Hire

Chances are that they’ve been recently employed at your institution. For students, this means you can ask for extensions on deadlines and successfully manipulate them by telling them the wrong “rules”.

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But watch out though, next semester this teacher won’t be as kind to you.


2. The Mind-Their-Own-Business One

This is the no nonsense “professor”, who will talk to-the-point; no more, no less. They’ll carefully ensure that they get the course completed on time while paying attention to any of the problems the students face. And though they may not the best teacher, you just can’t help liking them due to their focus on work.

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3. The Torture Master

This is the teacher who cam destroy any student’s future without a second thought. This one thinks he/she is a big shot and doesn’t really give a crap about anybody. Rub them the wrong way even once? Sorry, but try as you might your grade will be a big fat “F” and nothing else.

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4. The Intellectual

This one’s been blessed with reading speed as fast as the Flash from the Justice League. He/she has a long history of research and will tear apart any authority on any subject. Because they have read a lot, they expect you to study 50 pages on average for EVERY class. No excuses.

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5. The Nana Jee

This one is the senile man who is so clueless that students can’t help but chill in his class. Some resort to texting, some watch movies on their laptops, while others complete their assignments for other classes. The class seems boring, but maybe listening to him once in a while will help because he sure has some interesting anecdotes.

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6. The Bragger

This one “claims” to have worked tirelessly throughout his/her life and has an impressive resume to their credit. So impressive that they distribute it in the very first class to show their achievements and expect students to respect them from the very beginning.

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7. The Don

This teacher carries along a strong personality with him. Along with this, they carry along surprise tests and quizzes just in case they feel that students aren’t paying attention in class.

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“Wake up! There’s a surprise quiz today and you’re dead.”


8. The Bi-Polar Teacher

You probably think that there is some problem with this one. They say one thing and then go about doing the complete opposite. They’ll ask you questions in class and then not give you the answer. They’ll be happy and cheerful and if you ask something….

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death stare and “out of my class, please!”


9. The Hottie

If it’s a man, all the girls crush on him and the guys hate him. And what if it’s a woman? Well, the doors to her office have a long line of male students with “questions” and girls all try to dress up like her.

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Also, this teacher knows they are the center of attention and uses their appeal to maximum.


10. The Tharki 

He came to the institution for the very purpose of getting to know some females. He’ll crack dirty jokes in class and give extra attention to girls while disregarding any points raised by the male students.

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Keep him miles away from an all girls school, college or university!!!


11. The… Umm…Aaah.. Confused One

This one solves a question for an hour on the board while students take all the notes. And in the end? Whoops… rub it all. There was a mistake. I think…

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12. The Prankster

This teacher is everyone’s favorite. Why? Because they are bigger jokers than you are. Pass a comment during their lecture that five people will chuckle mildly at, they will have a better comeback that the whole class will double over, laughing! You never zone out in their classes because they always have a joke up their sleeve.

Also, students from every college and university want them to turn out to be their professor 😛


13. The Mullah 

This one will let you go to the mosque at prayer time and will also stop the class right there to fulfill their religious duties. While he may speak flawless accented English, he likes seeing ninjas (read: females in black burqas) in the university everywhere.

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14. The Too-Cool-For-School Type

Apparently, their time is much more precious than your time. Will rush in late to most of the classes and will be ill-prepared for class discussion. They will never be ready to answer any questions and when the final exam turns out to be full of confusing mistakes, they will not be available to correct them. Basically, you’re screwed if they teach you!

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15. Your FAVORITE Teacher

Now this is the one you will always love. You remember her every move, every naseehat, even the way she dressed and her perfume just like you do your mother’s. She may have taught you in Class 5 but her teachings have remained with you for life. This the teacher why some of you even decided to become teachers yourself, amirite?

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They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know itClick To Tweet – Nicholas Sparks.


Let your teacher know how much you appreciate their hard work.

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