This Pakistani Student And His Pet Mosquito Have The Best Relationship

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Dec, 2016

A few days ago, @TheValhalla tweeted this image with his “pet mosquito”


A medical student entrenched in dead week, Wajahat tweeted the photo in between some very heavy cramming sesh.

All the medical students out there, we feel your pain. Hang in there. If you pass, you pass. if not…you only have to repeat the whole year no big deal. (sorry not sorry)

Anyway, as you can see Wajahat won’t be failing, judging from the way he has decorated his book with highlighters and labels and what not. He’s quite visibly the nerd, this one.


Wajahat named his pet mosquito “Steve”. This is a photo of them enjoying friendly football “match”.

“You know Steve means business when he brings the Champions League football with him”, he tweeted.

Source: @thevalhalla Via: Twitter


However, this story comes full with its fair share of love, friendship, and an epic betrayal.


Their short-lived friendship came to an abrupt end.

Via: Giphy

How could you?


But hey, you guys. Let me tell you this much:


SteveĀ ?


WasĀ ?


On toĀ ?


SomethingĀ ???


He left us a farewell message that perfectly encapsulates all of our sentiments as the year comes to a very anticipated and much needed end. Goodbye, 2016. GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE.

Fuck you, 2016. Oh and, Bush did 9/11.

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